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  1. my little ponies your big horsies!
  2. I will be more fun and it will get tougher, only after later prestige's like 5 will it become easier, but by then u would want to prestige no matter what. and... old r u? do you even understand the point of the game, of any game? other than your big horsies!
  3. GREAT IDEA DAWG I mean shark...
  4. I know game guardian (the suspicious thing u spotted) its a value editor for well, u guess it, games. That does seem very suspicious, unfortunately I can't do anything about it, got a friend who is a mod and I'll tell him about it. BTW these streaks are still lame, edited or not, there are people with streaks of 3000 - 10 000. LEGIT, I wish I were one of those. My highest is 150-ish, no proof yet sry.
  5. To lazy to post photo, but I had a worse one, it was to STICKY tire, great for suicide missions, kamikaze if u want to call it that way...
  6. Actually, no, when you load the game and link it to a google play games/Facebook account, it doesn't ask for age, if you don't link an account at all, it does ask you for an age.
  7. I don't actually remember changing mine either, it could connect the data to a linked google play games account or a face book account. Also No you can't change your age in game, but you can change your age in your google account (it is set to birthday) and you could possibly change it in Facebook (not sure because I don't own a Facebook account). Not sure if it would update to the game though.
  8. HI

    off topic posts: yes, reputation: no, no posts count towards reputation .
  9. You can't set the restriction in the gang options, it comes "BUILT-IN" INTO THE GAME (not yelling just pronunciating) And yes as other people said, it is 12 years old. And this is one of the reasons you don't post accurate personal info into or on any game or social media or anything else. pls don't ban me for saying this, I just don't like posting personal info.
  10. I posted this before I knew the fact that the toolboxes did 100% damage per shot and that each shot does 1/3 of native damage, BUT they could still buff it AND remove the weird glitch. Agreeing with SeniorSSS, DabbingCuttlefish, and Fezzik, this strategy is very effective, but, the toolbox damage is actually still reduced in the few warm-up rounds that it fires, releasing full potential x3 at full speed. Also laser has a bit of a weird glitch as well, putting more damage toolboxes on it doesn't improve damage as it should, (multiply toolbox value that is added to laser by 2.5 as does the laser damage to native damage) also higher damage scoreseems to decreas total output damage of lasers. If I did make a mistake or you don't agree with me, pls be polite don't rage.....
  11. No not exactly, i get almost infinite and no i don't hack and this is not false info, What I mean by infinite is, that I get like 20-30, then I "run out", then I just play a few quick matches and run through the championship contenders and get more. This way I opened 2 super boxes and like 6 regular boxes in one day due to this and then I got lazy As other people said, it also mostly depends on where you live and what OS you use and possibly the device you use.
  12. I have an android and I live in Canada, and I have gotten more than 20 ads once. If I do run out, I simply do a few championship battles and a few quick fights and I get more. i don't know what it depends on.......
  13. The miniguns in the in the game currently kinda suck, they take a loooooong time to accelerate their fire rate, and by the time they do, either you are dead, or you're doing practically no damage (higher level ones obviously do a lot more damage). Idea for fix: Double total fire rate (warm up to max speed) and reduce damage (to balance) by 10%-20%. Plz don't hate, comment with a "better" idea if you have one. If you like, then pls vote up/follow content
  14. There should be this slot on bodies (invisible in battle), more unlocked on level up of body. In the slot, you can add Perks, such as taking a bit less damage from a certain weapon or a tiny damage boost to all weapons or faster movement speed or more damage to some specificbody types, first few are unlocked at prestige three. More unlocked at later prestiges.
  15. The "drillers" as I call them (drills, chainsaws, stingers) should have a momentum thing, where they do more damage on contact (about x1.5 more damage) and gradually gets weaker the more continuous contact it gets (weakens to about x0.75 damage), simulating a motor or chainsaw getting weaker or losing momentum because of friction. Or (my second idea) they do a lot of damage on first contact (about x1.75 damage) and then continue doing normal damage.