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  1. Screw you is looking for members We are a new gang looking for active members. We fokus on both trophies and KotC. We won every KotCso far and make upp our plans in the chat so we work together. Getting higher and higher gangbox, last time it was lvl 4. To be a member you should at least get somewhere around 50-70 trophies/round and 150-200 total for each Gang Fight. Prestige Requirement: 1 Open spots: 5 Trophies: 3000+ Language: English Gang ID: screw you#34133 KotC District: won every one so far and I think it is on lvl 7 now, and we are winning that one as well I'm keeping some player for now just to make sure we have a steady income of trophies, but kick inactive players all the time, we are now around 15-20 active players. Feel free to join us and grow together! And of course if something come up so you can't do your gang fights och city kings for a day, just let me know and there are no problems, we all have lives irl to. Just don't let it happen every other day.