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  1. hi guys, I can't help but feel that there's something buggy with gang recruitment after the latest update in CATS. most of my team are prestige 4 and above. so I set requirement at prestige 4 but no one is joining sofar even if I set it to 1. currently my team is left with only 18members after some were kicked and some left. need help from developers to check this issue. my gang name is 25 Ronin
  2. my gang name is 25 Ronin. I am looking for active players with prestige 5 and above. I am not bothered by trophies but 100% focused on conquering City Kings. idle players that never join more than 2 rounds of city Kings will be kicked. I have 7 openings currently. my team rank is 750 now. join me and u can level up together. we fight smart and have high win rate.