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  1. Thank you. I love the game and I can't keep people like me around due to poor gang strength. I think I may make the move.
  2. If there's not enough players then there is not 14 enemies to defeat if there is 15 total players including yourself and you beat the other 14 consecutively in one run then they will promote you
  3. Not luck... Gang fights.... Very very rare before you get to the prestige that it is unlocked but it happens. I also received a classic chassis with two accessory slots and one weapon slot through gang fights during prestige 2. I am now at prestige 4 and have never seen one again... LOL
  4. Prestige!!!
  5. good timing on the picture but this is simply the horseshoe knocking the front wheels off and catching the picture while the wheels were right in front of the vehicle
  6. I currently lead a gang but I only have a few active players. I have tried recruiting for about 6 months now and boy is that frustrating!!! I have two accounts one of them is P4 S23 and the other is P2 S13. Not sure what anyone is looking for but I am active all day and I am looking for a game that is the same or players willing to join and start something great with me. KushKingz is the gang name. I'm DeckerDad and DirtbagJonez in the gang. (#1 and #2 respectfully in gang). If you are a game that is interested in gathering up a few more prestige one or two players I have a few more in my game that I can bring with me. Thank you for reading this. I absolutely love the game and I completely expect to continue playing daily for a long long time.