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  1. okay yeah so, after changing my clan entry value to the max number to prevent just anyone joining. after going back and trying to change the value again it totally locks up the game. i have a galaxy s5 and this is the first problem i have had with CATS so far also despite having my clan entry value to max i have had two players join. NINHOI prestige 2,on level 21 with 645443 score Kamman0621 Prestige 2 on level 8 with 298125 score so i dunno man thats another thing i found
  2. TAC CLAN HAS BEEN MADE. Send messages to me here on the forum oro in game under the same name as on the forum to join!
  3. That satisfying moment when all of your crates have three crowns, wating to be unlocked.
  4. With the idea of clans up in the air, i had an idea of a messaging system to stay in contact with clan members in game. with messages i think a character limit of 250 will be enough. you can then message members to organize clan battles and what not. what does everyone else think of an in game messaging system?
  5. Weapon rotation i think could be useful
  6. Id like to see a one week warm up period for clans to get ready, afterwards 2-3 weeks to battle for the top spot. if by chance its a monthly contest for clans at the end of every month it can be reset allowing every clan to try for the top spot again.
  7. Those who have hit the prestige are welcome to join, if its like any other prestige then all stats get reset with an icon to show that you have achieved it.
  8. So i have been thinking recently about what types of weapons could be added into the game with future updates and how it could chain the dynamics of battles, i would like to see something along the lines of a burst machine gun, hammer and clamps/claws(to pick up and hold your opponent) maybe even something like spiked wheels which could possibly do damage if they are run into. but anyway what kinds of weapons would you like to see in future updates for the game?
  9. Are you looking to join a clan? We are a fun, competitive clan with seeking a strong friendly player base. We offer a fun, drama-free environment, but we expect your best. We are looking for active members who are bronze league or above If you are interested in joining TAC please comment below with a screenshot of your league ranking and current build/builds thank you for taking the time to view the TAC clan recruitment topic
  10. To be honest the golden league has taken me the longest time to get through, i would assume that carbon will be the same way.
  11. This is my current build, i should be moving onto carbon fiber parts at the end of the current championship if everything goes to plan, i am also currently building up a double blade boulder with roller wheels however thats taking to long. With this build i can average about 12 win per championship