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  1. I recently saw a surfer with 2 boosters and a minigun, it ramped my whale out of the zone, and if you don't touch it, it flips over and aims the minigun backwards. Totally killed my flippy double rocket sneaky too. I'm looking for a surfer slam like that with a minigun/rocket/laser bonus.
  2. Prestige 2, avg of 250 trophies per 72 hours, personal record of 405. I'm looking for a gang that is coordinated and active in city kings. Like, not a bunch of people attacking random buildings and hoping to eventually get points. Do I have a shot, or do I need +8 prestige to get anywhere useful?
  3. Non-moving vehicles usually lowered their HP or damage to get that positional advantage. You'll need to hit harder and faster, or tank the damage they put out. You might be able to use a forklift to mess with them too. They might have gotten a lucky legendary, in which case, you'll just need to wait and upgrade until they can't kill you in time, and you can just push them into the walls.