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  1. This would become ridiculously overpowered in the later stages of the game, so there would have to be some sort of restriction that forces you to use it by the end of the military league.
  2. That looks amazing! Tell me your YouTube channel so I can see it more often.
  3. Now just tell the cats to stop sealing the boxes so well, and then I think we will be able to enjoy their hard work more by opening the boxes instantly and throwing the boxes aside. Please put the word in with the cats.
  4. Well I guess I'm blind. Oops.
  5. I don't understand what makes the diamond worth using. To me it just seems like an upside-down pyramid, but with more drawbacks. One big flaw is the position of the wheels. The wheels being outside the vehicle in my expirence just makes a car easy to tip over. I was just wandering if someone actually does have any good diamond builds.
  6. They removed that feature.😥
  7. My thoughts too, but really what's the problem here?
  8. So the difference is pilots fly planes while mechanics adjust and fix the planes pilots fly. Sorry, I wish I could actually tell you.
  9. Why did 4 to 1 people vote for the bottom option when it is literally the same answer as the top one?
  10. Does anyone know when that update comes out?
  11. If they add the feature to change a bonus, then you will probably have to prestige to get the ability.
  12. The people betting against the cars have to be bots, or just people who really want to lose.
  13. I agree that it would be better to have an option to see the exact amount of damage a laser does per hit. The only problem is if you were to try and add that feature to weapons like chainsaws.