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  1. 1190-50=1140
  2. Hi! Ive got a Design idea for you. It isntcimportant tho, just tell me what do you think. 1. Cardboard (Carton) instead of wood. I personally think thid would be more interesting to start the game with a vehicle out of cardboard. Wood, is getting boring. Every game starts basically with wood (for example Crash of Clans). And i think building vehicles out of cardboard is much easier than building them out of wood.
  3. Wasnt it 2 normal parts? In ganbox 1
  4. I need to disappoint you. Zoom to the top right corner
  5. Oh! Im also working on a guide! I did a guide for KoT and posted it on fb page months ago. I had this website with all images but now i cant find it..
  6. So basically its called Hopper/Jumper/Spring and this is an item, that can be placed in the wheel slot. It is a spring that will punch our machine in the air. This would reduce the hype and amount for lasers and other guns because the vehicle would be in the air as the laser would shoot. And this would bring back good old melee weapons, like the sawblade. It could be used 1 time like the booster. What do tou think?
  7. Nice ideas. Ive got another one: A section where you can find toolboxes and stickers.
  8. I ment score. Thank you.
  9. So, im working on something and i need a link to all images. I mean there are like backgrounds, bodies, weapons, stickers and so on saved as png. With transparent background. Is that possible?
  10. Hey! The gearcats are recruiting new members. The gearcats, is the 2nd unofficial gang in C.A.T.S.! It is a new gang, i created it a week ago. (It is still the 2nd unofficial clan/gang) So if you want to join, you need to be over 1Ok Shards (u know, the blue thingies) and an active member. (The requirement will be higher) P.S. Here is the sceeenshot (22nd April)
  11. How are the little blue cat-formed things called? Shards?
  12. Hmm.. there is already something like a shield, ita the healing tool. But i still like yoir idea. Maybe it would be a gadget, that you csn place on the front of your body just like the repulse. Then after first contact it would destroy, even if the attack was just like -5hp.