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  1. More like "Are you sure you don't want to recover these parts?"
  2. I know it has been said before, but add a confirmation to the betting process. Having the "default" go to get rid of the items to level up is stupid. At least change the prompts so the default is save, not delete the items you are trying to level up. Almost enough to make a long time player drop this game. I have a life and when it is happening it is sometimes difficult to pay attention to what is happening in the game. A slip button push when my daughter asks a question. And boom weeks worth of waiting for a part are just up in smoke.
  3. It can't be different time zones. I travel across different time zones and have not noticed inconsistencies. The only inconsistency is the the varying level. My guess it is a bug with the programming of how it determines the ranking. (I.e. Level is not calculated until first member login, or some other bull crap) A one or five increment I can accept as buggy, but in the 50% change range that I have seen, I have to say feature. And ask why?
  4. Glad I am not the only one noticing it. But it would be nice to know why it is happening.
  5. I have noticed clan ranking changes between cycles. For example last cycle ended and Swat Cats was rated 311, 24 hours later it is rated 367. What changed? I noticed this the first cycle too. What gives? Bug? Or intended feature?
  6. Swat Cats just hit 311! Only a couple open spots left! Active players only!
  7. Swat Cats is now recruiting ACTIVE players. If you want to be part of an active clan that is scrapping its way up the top clans chart then join Swat Cats today. Our main requirement is for players to log in each cycle and complete clan fights. Only a couple open slots left, so if you are an active player looking to join an active gang, you had better move fast!
  8. Since the cost of the toolbox to apply goes up each time you apply one I save the low level power toolboxes for later in the game, when you need to apply enough to get 10 extra power. Then you are not spending 1.9 million coins to apply that last power toolbox you need,
  9. I really enjoy this game, the only major issue I have noticed with the game engine is that it does not apply torque correctly. As a vehicle moves forward the body should rotate forward as well. Instead it is rocking back. Is it possible to correct this without breaking the entire game mechanism? Will post a video as soon as I can convert a video to a gif.
  10. Sorry, just reread your statement. Stages changed today leagues were yesterday. If you are talking about stages then you might have a bug.
  11. I think only the top 2 get promoted. Sorry, been in gold league for a while.
  12. I believe leagues are constructed like stages. They are created by people logging in at that moment. So it takes 50 people, then the next 50 are in a different league. This is only from observation, but it may not be correct. But if it is, being logged in during or immediately after a stage/league end will put you up with some of the hardest playing players.
  13. I wish I knew of these forums earlier. I have been studying this on my own for a while. I believe Soectre is right. A pseudo RNG is used to determine which shot lands first. The key is the seed value and where it comes from. From my observations I have already came to the realization that replacing the weapon can change the seed. The seed may also be contained in the body, wheels, or accessories. I am trying to test for this, I will definitely report back when I figure it out. I didn't know there was more thsn just me who cared. Also I should note, just as lasers are "instantaneous" and are "random", so are missles. Range, power, vehicle speed/direction make no difference on which lands first. Also I am trying to figure out if weapon hits are calculated individually or combined (one coin flip per vehicle or one coin flip per weapon).
  14. I have been trying to figure this out too. I have noticed that there is a somewhat random preset order of fire. The only thing I know is that it is determined at the weapon level (change the laser to a different laser and it will sometimes change the order).