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  1. you all probably been wondering why I haven't posted. Well, here goes. I, broke my drawing thumb recently. I'm not saying as an excuse, but I actually did break my thumb rendering me inable to draw. But, it is obvious that I am now well, fine and dandy to draw due tho the amount of spaces I put in this one comment (all with that with my thumb). So, be ready to see a comic soon!
  2. Chervey thank you so much for the support! Yes! I will make more comics!
  3. Noobs losing to top players be like: HHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. I have some spare time to do stuff like this😑 Probably have to click it in order for you to see it.
  4. Also, if you want, you can go to tapastic and find my comic there. I already contacted a mod for permission and gave claims to zeptolab. I don't want to deal with copyrights......
  5. Sorry for being late. I've been making So many future comics i haven't stopped to digitize the previous ones. Never fear, the uploading will hasten.
  6. I know what zeptolab should add next: tf2 unusual effects for c.a.t.s. hats.
  7. If you want, I'll make a colored digitized version.
  8. I know that is isnt really related to c.a.t.s., but I'd like to congratulate my fav YouTuber Muselk for hitting 1 million subs so I drew him as a C.A.T.S. cat sitting on top of a subscribe button. Enjoy! (the austrailium gold rocket launcher but with a c.a.t.s. gold rocket launcher part)
  9. There's gonna be a lot of plot development of like 5 more comics before he starts a battle montage of stage 1.
  10. Yeah its been a bit because I was slacking off but there it is: the second comic! Btw that's a cookie that Uncle Tony is holding if you didn't know.
  11. Pretty cool! You should scan it instead of sending a camera picture of it so it will have a better quality and less shadows.
  12. If anyone scrolled down the facebook page and found the gold surfer fan art and looked at the comments, you would've seen that I'd vowed to make some fan art as well. And yeah, my fan art but in the form of a comic series revolving around the game C.A.T.S. Yup I'm doing comics. Deal with it. Criticism is appreciated! P.S. If I do get a prize for art, I'd like my character's SWAT helmet added into the game, but only for me. In game username - Qwerty155 prestige 1 stage 7 double rocket boulder with a saw.