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  1. Since a laser fires every 2.5 seconds, it does 2.5 times its original attack. You can read more about it in the game, go to settings, click help and go under the spare parts, toolboxes and stickers tab then click weapons.
  2. I was just wondering, in your opinion, what is the best weapons, gadgets and wheels to put on a sneaky?
  3. I found an example of what I was trying to point out. Here in the picture, the other car had hit me with a rocket twice and it took a little less than half my health and then the laser attacks me and kills me and for his rocked to take half my health in 2 hits his rocket would probably do about 2000 or 3000 so I'll just estimate to 2500 and so I would be left with about 11000 health his rocket would do about 6530 damage and 11000 - 6530 isn't 0. So the laser attack kind of doubles. I am just estimating so I could be completely wrong.
  4. Stoopidcat, I'm pretty sure I get what you're saying but I'm gonna try and simplify it because it took me a few reads to understand. (If I interpreted his reply wrong then I guess this is just my way of thinking about it.) Anyways, I thinks he's trying to say that since lasers fire less than let's say blades, that the lasers would do more damage per attack than blades. For example, Car A has 16000 health and and an attack of 10000 and Car B has 22000 health and an attack of 12000 with a laser. Car A attacks twice and Car B has 2000 health so with one more hit. But Car B has a laser and attacks right before Car A attacks for the last time and it kills Car A. This probably wouldn't happen but it's just an example.
  5. I think this is a really interesting idea because I have had problems trying to find the right spot to put things. I hope the developers add this feature!
  6. Oh duh. I'm an idiot thank you!
  7. I put three of my most valuable items into a bet with 30 gems just incase I had lost the bet (which I didn't) but about 3 hours before the bet was over, the league ended. I was at the top of the league and got promoted but when it showed the picture of what car I had used, it should just a military classic with no weapons, wheels, ect. I looked in my "warehouse" where all of the items I owned were and none of the items I had on my previous car were there. I looked in the bet area and saw that it still showed the items I had bet. When the bet was over, I tapped on the area to watch the bet and I had won but when I went back to the warehouse none of my items that I had just bet were there! Is there anyway I can retrieve these items? (Also, I couldn't have accidentally fused them or sold them since they were up for a bet.) Sorry if this is the wrong area to post this. I couldn't find out where so I just posted it here.