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  1. I know, but My cousin's Mother Don't want it, because he's not prepared yet for facebook, that's why i want ID Matchmaking.
  2. That's what i meant.
  3. Hello, I've got an idea and i tell you my story why it should be there. I have a Cousin, who plays the game, I tried to Make with him Match-make at any attempt, but i can't play with him, because my cousin can't have Facebook, his mother don't want it. So i wonder if Zeptolab can add Matchmaking by typing ID from Friend or Someone closer so he can play with him/her. How it works: Click the ID Matchmake Button, then type his ID (e.g. 43429), then click OK button, it search it and if it find someone, you can play with him like you made a matchmake, Friend will get after this battle notified that someone battled him/her, if he/she wants to see it, he/she needs to click Play Symbol Button and he will see how it all ended and that's how it all works. Hope you like my Idea. Have a nice Day and take care Filletus