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  1. Well.….its been a blue chip implementation yet for those who have many....I now have 477.
  2. Attack toolboxes can be piled high....and can also be used on bonus weapons as well
  3. Gems would be a brilliant daily bonus.
  4. It would be nice to have a way for a Gang to be able to have mock battles amongst themselves to hone their builds and to perfect their Gang Machines without setting up lousy machines testing in League fights. Maybe be able to only do this between the League Fights....while the timer is ticking down. It costs nothing to fight individual "quick fights"....this is how we test our machines as well as going through boxes. But we should be able to work on our gang machines as well....just to see how each build fares against others before we send them out there for real.
  5. Being able to use these tokens for ANYTHING would be better than them sitting there gathering virtual dust.....
  6. great idea for sure....
  7. Good idea.....Its a game....not a job....
  8. This is a great valid idea.
  9. I have currently....192 blue paw tokens....and they are worthless as I have filled all features to spend them on looooong ago. But every time I level up I get more of these worthless items. It would be nice to be able to use these items in some way after they have served their usefulness. Maybe trade one or some number of them in for new skills....or enhancements to either city kings machines or regular machines. Maybe to install extra attack or defense slots on machines....SOMETHING! I mean, its a wasted reward for leveling....I drool over the chance to spend these 192 tokens in on SOMETHING......anything.....Maybe even trade in for game cash....or get 20 gems for each token....ANYTHING!
  10. Join HELP MEOWT #57279 We are looking for active players requirement is 3 prestige.. We do not have any actual "Quotas" we feel the game is supposed to be fun, not a job. We are ranked 1202 overall. We have 2604 Trophies....we have cleared out some inactive players and have 9 slots open as of this morning....All we really want are players who are active and will team up with us in gang play and in City Kings. We will give advice on how to play strategy wise in team play...and also give pointers on general play if you ask. We are all friendly. We don't kick people out for getting beat in gang play from time to time as long as you are playing and trying. Gang fights go through're machines go through phases, and from time to time you can kick butt one day...they next you are meat. But we feel its a GAME not a Job. If you want to enjoy the game....join us...."Come on down"......
  11. I dont understand why the higher the energy tool box you get it uses more coins to install it. I mean you only get 1 point of energy from all of them. So yea, I agree the game could tweak the way these boxes work. Higher level and higher coinage to use them should give either more than just 1 energy point, or ability to ad weapon mounts etc.
  12. I like the double rockets....they cover your butt. They also fire faster rate then lasers. Set up with both are nice if all are built up with lots of attack power.
  13. With the repulse located at the nose, I would guess that chainsaw location is worthless.
  14. The level and type wheels can affect the outcome too.....if identical on the same vehicle its not an issue, but if they are different type wheels on your vehicle...even just switching them between front and back can make a difference on the outcome.