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  1. UFO Ultimate Set footage? Maybe? Oh and shoutout to DC for joining a neat gang
  2. No, it wouldn't flip it over and win by K.O. because the blade pops the balloon that the lifter shoots.
  3. Sorry I just typed it wrong
  4. Oh and btw my ign is isqltychips
  5. P4
  6. Title says it all. Please request some gangs I can join that are active. And don’t worry, I’m active too.
  7. This was a legit fortune cookie, keep this in mind. This is what it said: Sure glad to be out of that cookie.
  8. I've had this happen before. Just like D.C. said, "The game creating bots that have similar stats to yours." I'm pretty sure that is correct. And it's not impossible.
  9. Are you sick and tired of those annoying flippy boulders with blades? Well here's your solution: Shotgun! Here's what I use to keep away those pests:
  10. lol I really hope they don't buff the dragon mortar so much that I will be screaming for a nerf
  11. Agree KittyKitty. 100% agree
  12. Disagree. Dragon Mortar + Corsair w/ Repule OP
  13. Sorry dragon mortar can be used with ranged builds. There kinda isn't any "bad" parts for ultimate garage.
  14. If you're kindove new to CATS and you have been struggling in the ultimate league, this is the post for you. Strategy for Ultimate Farming: You basically fight until you can't fight anymore. When you see easy enemies, you fight them and beat them. When you see a hard enemy that you can't beat, you quit. Be sure to rack up tickets in the normal garage. Weapons to Avoid w/ Melee Build: Thrombone Gun, Cutter Rocket w/ Repulse Weapons to Avoid w/ Ranged Build: Cutter Rocket, Laser Weapons to Avoid w/ All Classes: Cutter Rocket/Laser w/ Freezing Present Thingy (idk the name lol) Weapons Not to use w/ Melee Build: Thrombone Gun Weapons Not to use w/ Ranged Build: Double Blade, Ice Cream Mace Weapons Not to use w/ All Classes (crappy weapons): Dragon Mortar Utilities are good for every class. It just matters whether it fits your playstyle or not. Builds to Consider: Melee: Corsair w/ Double Blade & Corsair Harpoon, Santa's Sled w/ Ice Cream Mace, Flamethrower & Freezing Present Thingy Ranged: Corsair w/ Cutter Rocket & Repulse (no wheels, useless if not stationary), Santa's Sled w/ Ice Double Rocket Thingy (idk the name... again), Laser & Freezing Present Thingy, Corsair w/ Laser & Freezing Present Thingy That list of tips should get you into a higher league in the ultimate garage. Leave a reply if this helped you.