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  1. What? No, wheels have nothing to do with it. (The build uses no wheels anyhow.) There are several posts about the build though. I'd link one but I'm on my phone and it's a pain in the butt. For some reason it seems to work more than not again, so I'm at a loss as to the cause.
  2. Nope, zero points in anything booster related.
  3. So, I did my first prestige and have been waiting for 8 stages to finally get a second backpedal so I could build the flipping sneaky laser... Thing. I finally got it, built it, and my laser misses most of the time now. ... I had this as a build before my prestige but now it's worthless? Anyone else seeing this? I don't have a video but I can record one easily.
  4. Select and sell would beat select and delete I think... ;-) The scroll to front would be nice though.
  5. The higher the tier you're fusing into your weapon the more experience it provides. The "fast" way to level your parts would be to fuse with high tier/star parts, or lower tier that have been leveled. There's no secret to it.
  6. There are for certain computer generated opponents. From what I've seen this applies to, at least, the opponents with two names. I've also gone up against an "EG" multiple times, almost in a row, with different builds.
  7. Is that like this? ;-) Though I hate that people add "no scope" into the name of the build. There's no scope in the game. Might as well call it "no cake".
  8. I did read all of the posts, so if that was your point it wasn't very clear. I agree if buying gems makes you lose the ability to watch videos, but I have made a total of (I think) 3 purchases in game and I almost never run out of the ability to watch videos.
  9. Genesis what're you at? I passed 300 but I bet you've gone up as well.
  10. I did notice I get two a day too. But I don't care about the schedule, just happy to get them. =D
  11. Sitting at 150 currently. Once I beat the 300 above me I'll post a picture. =P (I haven't prestiged at all, this is my first time through.)
  12. You also get gems for progressing through the game. Save those to recover your bet losses.
  13. Even if they didn't give you the ability to place the slot location (which would be OP in my opinion) even being able to mount a hardpoint on the body would be hugely useful.
  14. I personally rely on rockets on my surfer. However, both of my rockets are +60% damage, and my backpedal is +100% rocket damage. I lucked out big time with my boxes and gambling. I can one shot (volley) most people in my rank (19).
  15. Wait wait wait... it's not FAIR for the people who are PAYING for what the "creators" made, where as you're playing for free? Entitlement mentality much? I have 1000 gems and I almost never spend them to unlock boxes. Want to also whine about how it's "not fair" that my bank account is bigger than yours?