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  1. Get the sneaky body with the two gadget attachment points on the front and back, use two back pedals and a powerful laser. The back pedals will shoot you back into the wall and you'll ping off it sky high, spinning around, until your laser fires and sweeps the whole arena! Given lasers do 2x damage, if I had a laser that did 15000 and faced someone with let's say 29000 it would be an instant kill. The body also avoids any of those pesky boulders with saws... If someone has a good chunk of health and some double rockets you unfortunately haven't a chance. If they have melees (not saws) or normal rockets and they drive back to you, they can get zapped again, as if you land upside down it won't fire straight back. Thanks for reading!
  2. So as I'm guessing everyone does, I always end up with tons of junk in each section, and I always scroll for ages to get to specific parts, or ones removed and at the back. Luckily, a scroll to back feature was added. But now I'm always scrolling back to the front amidst all of the junk. So another button to get to the front would be just great. Speaking of all that junk, a feature to mass delete parts would be so convenient. Too many a time have I accidentally deleted a very good part while deleting things and blindly scrolling. So a delete button, with checkboxes for super parts, legendary parts, well used parts, and also something like "military 4 and down all deleted", or "gold 5 and down deleted". Getting rid of all the junk I'm scrolling through would be of MEGA convenience. If someone reads this, thanks.
  3. I'm gold league, and also carbon three at the moment. I'd like to join, as I'm guessing this clan thing will be in an update. I even once got a 38 streak on quick fight! Thanks.