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  1. are you talking about this
  2. see my idea of campaign
  3. see my idea of campaign
  4. right
  5. championship chat
  6. good idea
  7. its like a chainsaw meele
  8. awesome idea i like it
  9. oh ok
  10. trading parts is seems to be impossible because if your friends is on championship 1 and you are on higher than if you will just give 1 part to your friend than he will easily rush to the next stages
  11. like laser
  12. double damage
  13. op i did not think bout it sorry for posting this stupid topic i will never post other again
  14. always save your game progress with facebook or cloud i have upgraded it max and my game also reset many times but i recover it with my facebook
  15. leaving fast reloading others are really good but fast reloding is not good