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  1. I actually accidentally write it as a 'Booster'. The title actually need to be 'New Utility'
  2. Trading part is the most terrible idea because the same(1) player can trade the weapons/parts to his second account if he have 2 phone
  3. Get rekt.
  4. Just made this! Opinions?
  5. Nice comic!
  6. I just found this in YouTube and I want it to be in the game. I don't know what it called but I hope Zeptos can give it a name. Open this video and skip to 2:28
  7. So, I just found a player with the name "PO*NHUB". I want Zeptos to filter these inappropriate names in the game. It might abusing the game for child gameplay. If you want a list of inappropriate names, tell me in the comment section below.