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  1. No, nothing is your fault! I was just pointing out your "like" to give an estimate as to when the feature was removed.
  2. Shiriru reacted to a post in a topic: This is normal? 3 guns Thursday at 02:04 AM This seems to be the last time anyone liked anything. It must've been taken out just after that.
  3. I'm using Google Chrome, so I tested it on IE and got the same result.
  4. Sorry if this was taken out a while ago, I haven't been on here in months. Was the ability to like posts removed? I can't seem to find the button to like replies to my posts anymore.
  5. Yeah, I was thinking about this one earlier. Anyone with a one-shot build would have the same time.
  6. I think it would be a good idea to have a stats page that included things like: Total Wins. Total Losses. W/L Ratio. Perfect matches (Where your cat took no damage during the battle). Highest Streak. Longest losing streak. Highest attack/defense. Total damage dealt to other players (Could possibly be broken down to total damage from each weapon). Total damage taken (Could possibly be broken down to total damage from each weapon). Times killed by bulldozers. Fastest battle time. Total coins earned (maybe). Total boxes opened. Crowns earned. Total items sold. Total legendaries/super parts earned. To view another players stats, we could have a menu open when a players name is tapped that gives options to "View Clan" or "View Stats". To view our own stats, we could have a button in the settings tab. Anyone have other stats that could be included?
  7. Server sided won't fix anything. No one is "hacking", as that would require them to be manipulating the code of the game. If anything, there may be a few players using bots, though I have not seen anything of that sort being made (Thankfully). With bots, being server sided won't matter because the actions will look "human".
  8. @jake How'd you get a +120% bonus? maybe that was fixed?
  9. Prestige car?
  10. There are some apps in the playstore, I believe. I don't remember if your phone needs to be rooted or not though.
  11. Here's a post with the limits.
  12. Advertisers have to pay Zeptolab each time someone watches or clicks on an ad. If everyone was allowed to run unlimited ads, no one would advertise on the app and Zeptolab wouldn't make any money. Ads also depend on your location: if you live in say California, you won't get any ads for a restaurant in Arizona. If not many people are advertising in your area, you will not have very many ads.
  13. I feel like everyone would just use the same most powerful setup.
  14. Quick Match is not available at levels 1 and 2, but here are some that I've collected: 4 - 15,000 5 - 20,000 6 - 26,000 7 - 33,000 8 - 40,000