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  1. Flickering, glitching, game just closes down. Amazing update.
  2. I just call it the red beast. It's one of my favorites.
  3. Both gangfight and KOTC has been 2 of the major improvements of this game, however when you now introduce this "pay to heal" in KOTC you guys at Zepto are just turning it into shit. Well done.
  4. The Frost Sprinkler's energy cost is 15.
  5. I find it funny how Zepto now are adding prestiges bit by bit. How long will this go on? Why not raise the cap to 100 and get it over with. Why not 500 or even 1000? It's slightly annoying for those that are already at the current final prestige and has started to build their main rig thinking that this is as far they'll go with the prestiges. It's a sleazy way of doing things, but hey we all have a choice whether or not to prestige any further.
  6. Taken is right. And the name flickering is quite easy to spot aswell.
  7. Congrats on unlocking the golden parts. But yeah, expect to see the majority of those parts still as Military parts atleast to stage 17 from the regu boxes. Enjoy.
  8. It's possible yes, but as mentioned earlier in this post they are now much more rare. A Whale with one weapon slot and one gadged however, are now much more common, but those are useless in my opinion. Especially in the later stages. Whales with two weapon slots but without any gadget slots are pretty common aswell now, They both belong in the junkyard tbh. So i don't know, you either need to be extremely lucky to get a decent Whale (or any body for that matter) from the regular or super boxes or from the boxes you get from gangfights, or make Scrooge happy by buying boxes and hope for the best. Merry Christmas!
  9. Hope he get's banned? He is just playing the game, its not his fault that Zepto make mistakes and terrible updates to this game.
  10. Im apparently stuck in a loop in the game and i need help because i can't get back on to play the game. So, I decided to try the ultimate league and just as i entered the arena my game closes down, and now whenever i try to load the game, it just goes back to where it shut down in the first place and then the game close down again. Any ideas before i give up!?
  11. What Phil said here is the absolute truth.
  12. Thanks for the heads up. One question though, why are there no news about upcoming updates anymore in the "News and Announcement" section of the forums anymore?
  13. Why this attitude? Drop the caps and just accept that people have different opinions than you do.
  14. I agree that the prestiges should be higher than 10, however i feel that this should've been done from the start rather then several months after release. And i also think that this would go two ways if it ever happened. One being the group of players that would carry on with their endless prestiging, and the other half who has spent months upgrading and perfecting their builds, most likely to quit the game due to the fact that it's not worth to start over again.
  15. DabbingCuttlefish, you've pointed out some misspellings lately, keep in mind that not everyone here has english as their first language.