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  1. can u get carbon 6 star this way?
  2. can someone explain tires and forklifts to me? 1) what determines vehicle speed? ive had enemy big foots all the way to knobs travel fastee than my combos if big foots all the way to knobs. i cant nail down a pattern for what determines vehicle speed. does the equipment or vehicle health come into effect? 2) what do sticky wheels do? better pushing? resist forklift? 3) what determines a vehicles pushing power when vehicles collides and one forces the other into the boundary blades? 4) fork lift does all kinds of weird things like a) my forklift lifts my front tire off the ground and my vehicle begins pushing the enemy extra eazy towards boundary blades b) forklift struggles to rotate as my vehicle moves forward. almost like fork lift and vehicle are racing each other forward and forklift cant keep up. not what ud expect from forklift connected to chassis. kind of goes hand in hand with 2 vehicles with forklifts lock each other and then float into air. forklift has weird physics
  3. im on championship 11 and ive been trying to get a good classic chassis and i feel pretty confident to say classic chassis are the most rare? 1) ive got maybe 15 green 1-2 star other chassis. but ive yet to get more than a blue 5 star classic 2) the classic chassis i have gotten have had 2 equipment slots. usually 1 weapon and one equipment slot. ive yet to get any classic chassis with 3 equipment slots. thats reaching all the way back to wood 1 stars. ive never seen a 3 equipment classic. when i look at the top ranked player he has one though so they do exist.
  4. do i lose anything when i prestige? gold, toolboxes? obviously vehicle parts like weapons and chassis get removed. but anything else?
  5. so the skill points i put into rockets was wasted because double rockets are best
  6. does master of rockets increase double rocket damage? i thought it would until i found the double rocket skill how do u prestige?