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  1. You also forgot that Zepto will shorten championship from this day on. So it needs just a half of time.
  2. Kittens and Pilots It's a bit late because the game is already in maintenance, but anyway... here are - short saying - the changes for the new update: Also, Zeptolab will try a new time balance: Because the prestige level cap are increasing to 50, the Championship duration will reduced to 24h. Some more notes from Discord: - Easter decorations; - Easter event, in which the duration of the Championship is reduced from 48 hours to 24; - Uncle Tony's box, among other daily awards, will drop an ultimatum booster. Recall that the Ultimate Booster allows you to receive twice as many awards and points in the Ultimate League; - We also increased the number of Prestige levels to 50 (there were 40) So, I just will say: Discussion started and happy easter - soon Meow, Shiriru94
  3. Nice replay videos so far. I would move the topic to Contests if it's okay @Connor
  4. There are no codes at the moment. If we know something new about it, you can read it in "The Code Topic"
  5. Can you explain it @NISSAN?
  6. From I hope this will help you
  7. From I hope this will help you @CatNZer @NobCat
  8. P means neutral slots. You see them on the beginning. The other two, I assume, are the both gang logos If not, pls show a screenshot
  9. Kittens and Pilots, The time has come to show your rivals the ultimate power of your gang. From now on your mates will become true allies, supporting each other in fights outside the backyards. That's because loners are no longer warriors and gangs are no longer packs of random cats. Everything has changed, because the time has come to find out who're Kings of the City. An infinite sequence of wars for places, buildings, streets, districts and whole cities has begun. In other words, update 2.8 is on! What's new? - KINGS OF THE CITY‎: Fight against real gangs from around the globe to conquer the city in this NEW cooperative game mode. - ULTIMATE TOOLBOXES‎: Give your ultimate machines a temporary boost with these powerful kits‎ - ULTIMATE BOOSTER‎: Stymied in a league‎? Stuck on ultimate upgrades‎?Unlock this powerful bonus and speed up your progress. - AND MUCH MORE‎: New ultimate parts, UI improvements and bug fixes. *btw - The city has been renamed to Mew York
  10. It should be an other problem. Version 2.8 has not been out yet^^ Did you synchronize your save with iCloud/Facebook or do you know your ingame id? Then you can try to reinstall it
  11. This update has a huge potential to change everything in the game! I'm also not able to tell an update date yet, but when it's ready, we will tell you that asap Btw.... pinned that topic - I would also like to move that to General. Is that okay for you @NotANewb?
  12. Done... and yes it's more an idea To your suggestion: NotANewb is right: confirmation for Lv2+, active and legendary parts should be enough
  13. King Tiger once is enough original:
  14. You probably mean the whale - That's Santa's Sleigh and was claimable on event boxes on the X-Mas event time (Dec 18 to Jan 24)... The whale has also 20 energy, so you cannot put any combinations to the vehicle Now you can claim it with a small chance on the standard ultimate boxes
  15. I know your problem, but do you have an iPhone (Apple) or a Samsung, Huawai, Sony, etc. (Android)? I ask because there are different workarounds