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  1. Kittens and Pilots Secure your set of christmas-themed parts by scoring higg in the ultimate league. Santa's Sleigh, the Laser Bell and other unique items await! Hurry up, the event ends on January 24th, 2018. After that, christmas parts will no longer be seperate rewards and will be dropped alongside other items in ultimate boxes. And don't worry, a new update and a new ultimate part set is just around the corner!
  2. I read enough... What is actually your problem? You wrote 159 posts about My little Pony, rage quits, complaining about giving not enough information, etc. We can chat each other about everything you want, even about your rage quits and My little Pony, but not in 30 different topics This is our Discord server, if you want to join, then feel free: Meow, Shiriru94
  3. Very good idea creating this table, but you forgot a few values: - more energy on weapons = more DMG - more energy on vehicle = less HP
  4. Just 5 Chassis.... yeah I see, but it failed already from the start. It was worng from the beginning on and nobody brought a subsitude and then you posted Sneaky twice^^
  5. The TS forgot Whale, Classic and Diamond: Surfer 560 Boulder 530 Sneaky 500 Titan 460 Classic 500 Whale 530 (+) Diamond 480 (-) Because it's a game I will move the topic to Off-Topic
  6. Zeptolove was limited for 100 guys and Zeptolab for 400. Both codes are from the Jay stream...
  7. That's no bug... You can get any items down to 3 stars below your current stage. And if you are on stage 5 or similar, 1* of the new tier are rare
  8. What a kind of bug did you recognized?
  9. Kittens and Pilots Happy new year 2018! As some of you already noticed I've been promoted to the first "Elder Mechanic" here in C.A.T.S. With this step we want give an important thing back to you: News in the news. After several months, the news is comming back! We will inform you here about: Official confirmed news from ZeptoLab Update information and notes like I already did in the update discussion topics We hope you will enjoy this feature and you will be as excited as we are Meow, Shiriru94 and Mechanics
  10. Enough.... 10tickles I know you liked these topics, but I have to close this because it's going out of control. To everyone else: I close this topic now because see above. Don't write such big @DabbingCuttlefish and @ShowB Happy new year 2018 Shiriru94
  11. It's from the Jay stream and he/Zepto sets the limit to 500 times. That's why the codes are expiring in less than 5 minutes.
  12. I will follow the Post from Twitter and will also start a Discussion here: Original link: Let's talk about the features, the game itself, about us Mechanics and what else the game needs and give your suggestions out here what Chervey, the devs or even us Mechanics can improve for 2018. In this meaning: Take care yourself and keep healthy for 2018 Meow, Shiriru94
  13. Hi and welcome to the Forums. Please use English, so everyone can understand you. (you can see this in Rules) There is no name change button in the game. The game creates an ID with your username following with # and some numbers. For better understanding: Can you please send your error as screenshot?
  14. I'm not a friend of censor, but this topic has no relation to the game or it's ad absurdum. I moved it to Off-Topic. Merry X-Mas, Shiriru94
  15. It's fixed. So you can't create a Fidget Spinner anymore