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  1. Okay, I actually have 1 awesome build and another really good one... let say I can put together another good one.... but what is the benefit of that? This is what I mean... assume the other guy always has 3 cars ready to fight..... If I have 3 cars, and the other guy has three cars... are there 9 battles made between us and I get can rewards from all 9? (ie maybe 2+ of my cars are so good they can both beat all 3 of his) Or is it simply that there would be 3 battles, and I get to choose which of my 3 to use in each battle? (which is almost always going to be my awesome build, leaving the other 2 unused most of the time)... which means I can do just fine with one really good build, and not care the other guy has 3, And I assume at some time my set of 3 will be used by the game to fight other folks in other guilds? Since our gang doesnt seem to be fighting a specific "gang" by name, I assume thats whats happening. . . but if thats happening, shouldnt I be getting some money, etc for that? Just wondering... it doesnt seem to be happening. And... would my only having a single build mean the other guy I am fighting would get.. less? All I know is, I went through this first round, and never lost.. got 275 "trophy points". Not even sure that was good (or as good as you could get in a round), but its a heck of a lot better than the rest of my guild... (15 hours between gang fights is a little irritating too)
  2. I have occasionally had this issue since I got the game a month ago. Also got the "video hangs and never comes back, requiring a program restart to fix" issue as well. Neither of them happen often for me, but it seems like they have always been around...
  3. I make Prestige 4 tonight... and have been playing since May 16. That puts it around 8-9 days per rank. For all practical purposes I have already beaten the game since there has been no new challenge.... dont see it getting more difficult as I "prestige up"... game is too easy/simple/repetitive, IMO.... will probably stop playing mid-way through Prestige 4. I just want to see how cool some of the newly unlocked Prestige 4 rewards are. (And I dont feel like clans/leagues will really change that. More challenging games await me out there....)
  4. Having "energy/power" count is good for the game; it makes you consider vehicle choices that have high power that you normally would not; it makes a fairly simple game just a little more challenging; if its so bothersome for you then you will want to invest skill points into getting power points for your vehicles (exactly what the developers intended for you to do). Reducing the need to account for "power" can only hurt the game replayability; this is a bad idea, IMO.
  5. I occasionally see topics about the difficulty of betting. . . .and yes I was burned early on as I was getting the hang of it.....but first just want to illustrate just how useful it is to use betting in this game. I just went through Prestige 1 in about 5-6 days..mostly Instant Wins. (since game was available on IOS about 16 days ago, I guess that means I am averaging 8 days a ranking). You would think that this might mean that you dont have enough "time" to get something useful out of betting on a item. Not true; betting is why I finished in that timeframe! Fairly early in this last pass I was given 3 "20% health for Surfer" wheels (2 metal, 1 military) as well as a "20% health for Surfer" forklift (wood). I took all four of them to 60% using bets along the way. . . and along with the single "100% health for Surfer" wheel (military) I got. . . . it made a HUGE difference. My Surfer builds all had 220% health. I was able to make very high-health Surfers the entire time; so high that even when I had average weapons I still out-lasted most opponents. As a matter of fact, my last 7 stages were all the same build; ex my vehicle body was Gold all the way through Carbon! All that changed were my weapons.... In the end, it was a matter of using the legendaries given to me in that pass... and making intelligent bets. I did occasionally lose gems in bets (all bettors do!)... but not too much... my gem supply increased the entire time. I didnt "pay to win"... I dont like to pay money in games . . . the skill you need is knowing when/how to place bets. For now I just wanted to say... dont give up on betting! I havent really thought about all that I wanted to say yet in regards to advice, but when I do... I'll post here with "advice" posts (with images, etc). And I want to hear from others as well! I know there are other folks who have also accumulated wisdom in this area. So lets hear it!
  6. Funny thing about the auto-configured bots.... in my current Gold stage, I happen to have a seriously high HP Surfer, along with a 60% health forklift, a 60% health wheel, and a 100% health wheel. End result... I have almost 70K health and the bots just dont seem to go that high for that stage; about 45-50K max is the worst I ever see, and its usually around 30-35K. So it looks like you can brute-force exceed their limits for a given stage sometimes.
  7. Sometimes its just as good to add defense: - Armor / damage resistance. A new gadget that reduces incoming damage by 5-30%. Not stackable with other damage resistance; only highest value on build for a given damage type is used (ie dont allow builds to get ridiculous values of armor by stacking percentages). Can have versions that give "all", or only for specific damage types like Rocket, etc. Example: You are using Armor, 10% for Laser. A Rocket hits your build; it give full damage since your armor didnt cover that damage type. But if a laser would have hit for 1000 points... it will do 10% less (ie only do 900 points) - Vampiric Armor. Only available at very high prestige levels. It works exactly as "Armor" does above.. except that the damage avoided is immediately given back as health. Using the same 10% example above..... a laser would have hit for 1000 points.. but instead will do 10% less damage (ie 900 points) and immediately after that damage is assessed... if you are still alive you will be healed 100 points (ie the damage that was avoided is given to you). (This could simply be a new high-level Skill instead of a new item/property)
  8. So thats what the "bonus" was in those descriptions! I had been wondering... will now reevaluate and put those skills on the very top of my "todo" list. (and hope any bugs get fixed soon)
  9. Well if you read my original post above, I gave my reason for having Zepto consider a SINGLE skill point reset. Believe me, if they dont do it someday, it wont bother me much. My point here has always been that you have more than enough skill points in the current design to "get the job done". From where I sit, its a silly expectation by some of you guys to want Zepto to add prestige ranks or other ways to get skill points... just so you can say "I maxed everything, arent I wonderful!". Because then you will KEEP whining about it every time they grow the set of game skills (as they eventually will) unless they also grow the skill points. Zepto set this up this way; maybe they have their reasons? Feel free to whine all you want; my point has been made. My opinions arent preventing you from doing anything; its your game to play the way you want. It may not be my way, but I am sure it will be good enough to get the job done.
  10. You hate that already dont have enough points, but I bet you want Zepto to add more fun/cool skills though, dont you? Lets hope they do, and this situation actually gets... worse. In life you rarely get to "have it all" anyway. I think differently.... I would never put points in a "weak skill" in order to beat a short-term guy right in front of me for a championship. (I would spend coin/gems to boost my build though). Whats the real loss there? I will almost certainly win that championship two days later with all that loot accumulation I'll be doing in the meantime. My ego can take "not-advancing" on occasion. Especially when I know I'll have that skill point to put in a more powerful skill later. (we all are crossing our fingers for some form of "skill reset" feature though; even me)
  11. So true. Why in the world would I want to hear a motor, chain saw, or drill, etc all day long? Even game background music repetition grates on my nerves. Only games where I play with the sound on are games where they have conversation/commentary that make me laugh (many Bastion and Portal quotes come to mind). . . .
  12. I prefer it this way; I dont think its a good thing to be able to unlock EVERYTHING. The heart of any good strategy game is for your decisions to matter, and therefore making you CHOOSE your strengths and DEAL WITH your chosen weaknesses is paramount. As far as I am concerned, they give about 2X more skill points than I think they should already. Face it... over 10 prestige levels they must be giving you over 240+ skill points.... and since a skill needs about 6 points to max out, that means you can max out 40 (FORTY) out of 52 skills. Does anybody really have a serious disadvantage over any other high-prestige person when you are down to the 41st choice before you arent maxed out? I think not. Seems to me that anyone who is prestige 5 or above already has enough skill points to have covered all obvious major deficiencies; the rest is just some "gotta max it all" mind-set, because at that point your own build skill (and luck in getting legends, etc) is far more important than maxing those remaining less-useful skills. Besides... be prepared for more skills in the near future. There are already obvious missing ones like Whale Power, Diamond Power... as time goes on and the game expands there will be new build types, and almost certainly new gadgets, etc as well, all with their own new skills to boost. I think the overall idea that you can have enough skill points to cover all skills is going to go away soon enough. That being said.... I think all of us have early skill choices that we made that (as soon as we learned the game better) we might now regret. As a person who likes to highly optimize anything I do... I know I have a couple. I think it would be nice to have ONE chance to reassign our skill points at some point in the game.
  13. Now that we have people moving on to Prestige 1 .. 2... etc.... I just thought I would mention what I've been doing in regards to how to get the most effective use out of my Cat Paws. Now I am not sure this is the BEST way to utiilize Cat Paws.. I hope we can all give some opinions on this and maybe reach an overall strategy... but after the 1st few levels where I didnt really know what to do, but this is what I've been doing: First Pass (pre-Prestige) 1) Pick your favorite weapons and max them as far as you can. For me, it was Rockets, Blades, and eventually, Double Rockets. This lets me build my most common high-damage range builds, as well as my "bouncy/blade" builds. 2) Get the most out of tool boxes; seemed more flexible than trying to boost health on a specific vehicle type. I maxed the Attack Toolbox (45% attack bonus) and was working on Health Toolbox. 3) Pick one vehicle type and start maxing its Power. Power can get COSTLY to stack multiple times to a vehicle as a toolbox. Preferably the one you tend to get the most fun out of, and/or the one you seem to get good legends for this pass. For me, the legends I got made it logical to pick the Surfer; your mileage may vary. Prestige 1 (where I am now ...) 0) Best new upgrade available.... Whale Health, IMO. Not really interested in the other two... 1) Finish maxing anything you didnt get done in the first pass. For me, its been Health Toolbox. 2) Pick a new Weapon to max. This pass its going to be lasers for me. Overall I dont like them much ... too long of a delay before damage...but it fits my high-damage range build tendency so.... 3) Since I maxed Surfer Power last pass, I am now maxing Surfer Health. I like the idea of having a fully maxed out vehicle type; especially one that can have up to 3 weapons on it... Surfer is one, but there are others. 4) Decide new vehicle to focus on. (Power first if you can, health otherwise). I am really torn over doing Mountain Power or Pyramid/Whale health (whale comes at Prestige 1). (I would do Pyramid/Whale power, but there isnt any upgrade for that, ever!). For me, the legends I am getting this time give best synergy if I do the Whale health.... NOTE: Pyramid... Whale... Diamond... no upgrades possible for Power on those? No option to upgrade Diamond health? Hmmm....gotta look closer at them and see if they come "good enough" already.... Prestige 2 0) Best new upgrade available.... all 3 have possibilities here, IMO. Will probably seriously consider additional Long Bet, but Weapons Synergy does seem to match my playstyle, especially with Bouncy/Blade builds... and just how powerful can "Stronger Repulse" get? If it stops at 10% thats weak, but if its more that could be awesome! 1) Overall, keep doing previous strategy. Max out all aspects of a specific vehicle, and a new weapon, and then move to the next. (That Chainsaw intrigues me... I could use a change of pace about here) Prestige 3 0) Best new upgrade available.... "Better Super Parts"; would also seriously consider going back to pick up one of Prestige 2s choices though. Prestige 4 0) Seriously looking forward to "Better Toolboxes" (increases power), but may have to choose "Better Legendaries" first. Both seem excellent/flexible to me. Prestige 5 0) Best new upgrade... honestly.. none of those options seem that great to me right now. Maybe when I get closer I will have a better idea. The least important upgrades - None of the coin cost-based upgrades are useful to me. I have no problems getting coin or Exp. NONE. - Rather than max out any specific wheels/repulses/forklifts/etc, it probably makes more sense to put 1 Cat Paw into EVERY wheel first, then the other such items... and then go from there. - How much to put in Betting upgrades depends entirely on how heavily you use it. Personally, I am only a moderate user at the moment....I maxed out a couple of wheels but I can do that NOW... without spending Cat Paws for new tweaks to the feature. Any thoughts? Alternative points of view? I didnt really try to optimize this down to the exact points... just tried to give the overall idea....
  14. Link: What do you lose in Prestige? (you do keep your boxes... but their contents will be determined at the time thye are opened, not the time they were received so... no uber items at low levels.)
  15. Agree; its not like there is any public history kept at all of your first pass through the stages; nobody is going to care/notice if you stuck around and won Stage 24; even you cant see it any more. I took those Cat Points and moved on.