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  1. Oh. Ok! Sounds awesome!
  2. Tf2?
  3. The last one didn't work but here is a badly drawn cat bandit
  4. Cool! I'm a big fan of digital art. I've drawn a couple things in infinite painter but never anything really cool
  5. Anybody have a good screen-recorder app?
  6. Some KoT, some CTR, all these games are cool
  8. I would like a background story contest, I'm good at that sort of thing.
  9. I've played bad piggies and I kinda get what u mean. Wouldn't zeptolab need to add a shoot-ton of new parts, though? Nobody can maneuver using rockets and chainsaws only.
  10. Cool. When can I see that?
  11. Cool c.a.t.s comic. When is Cole's first fight?
  12. I'm 1 star military and always use titan with blade
  13. I was thinking that C.A.T.S could have a "campaign'" mode, like king of thieves. Your bot would go against pre-made bots for free, to win gems, gold, and (about every 10 levels) a super box. The bots would progressively get harder, eventually going up to military and carbon parts. You wouldn't have to participate, it would be kind of a side thing.
  14. Oh. I'm mobile only, and I wanted to make a poll 4 my campaign topic btw is it new post or new topic
  15. But if it doesn't rotate then it's basically a chainsaw