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  1. Basically, you're asking for an option to select active defence and offence decks. I don't know about that since the last final minutes of a stage is where the most hectic changes comes in. Everyone trying to outbuild everyone else for those limited slots.
  2. You can do that if you want. It's just not the most cost effective way to use gems. It's more of a way for impatient peeps to blitz through the game.
  3. Saving your parts in bets. Either that, or speed opening chest so you go through more parts to sell off/upgrade with.
  4. Just gotta wait for support to help you. There is no quit bet button, sadly. Currently stuck at the same exact bet too.
  5. Actually, you cannot edit your post after a certain number of hours has passed. So I gave up trying to update it. Lol.
  6. Being careful when making bets takes a whole new dimension here. On a one off chance where both machines are using lifters with fairly forward wheels, they could get stuck in the floating bug. Usually this bug is just a minor annoyance and you will laugh it off as your machine flew outta the arena. For bets however, they will be a permanent non-ending bet. As both machines fly out of reach of the arena grinders, there is no way for both of them to blow up and end the match. Thus, currently, I have a bet that never ends. The part cannot be retrieved back without support's intervention.
  7. It actually hits practically everywhere in the arena. This is the 360 built. The weakness to this is if it doesn't kill in the first shot, you will most likely lose. It doesn't really land anywhere proper to be able to take the match after the first shot.
  8. Some prestige 1 numbers. 1P19 623,000 1P20 ? 1P21 670,000 1P22 694,000 1P23 ? 1P24 742,000
  9. There seem to be a hard limit on how many league points you can get depending on championship stage. So for example, if you're on CHAMPIONSHIP stage 13, your LEAGUE max points gain is 86,000. Good to know if you are pushing for league and know you're gonna hit a wall. Here's a list. Prestige values are unknown as only the beta players would know them. 1 ? 2 ? 3 ? 4 ? 5 ? 6 ? 7 ? 8 ? 9 ? 10 ? 11 ? 12 76,000 13 86,000 14 9,7000 15 109,000 16 121,000 17 134,000 18 147,000 19 161,000 20 176,000 21 ? 23 ? 24 ?
  10. Let's do a breakdown for each. 1. Giant boxes Great boost in parts for relatively cheap (compared to other boxes). Pales in comparison to speed opening chests. 1a. Super Giant Boxes You'll unlock this a little later. This is actual a good deal. 24 super parts + 2 legendary parts for twice the price of the other 2 boxes (6 super parts/bodies + 1 legendary per box) 2. Legendary body Given you have superb luck, this would be the best place to gem. Realistically, the RNG isn't to your favour. Seeing how there are multiple layouts, multiple bodies AND multiple bonuses, it be winning a lottery to get the perfect combination. 3. Legendary piece Decent place to dump gems into. Since it is either to match a piece with a bonus to a body than a body with a bonus to a piece. The RNG is more forgiving here. You still could get things you don't use like drills. Speed opening chest could be better. Gotta crunch some numbers later when I'm free.
  11. That is generally the best strategy. Open the brown ones as fast as you can (either gem them or watch ads). The trash they provide makes great fodder for gold. Since these purple boxes also drops toolkits unlike the brown ones that don't.