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  1. The problem with farming and waiting is the game turns from a fun way to relax or kill some time into a boring and frustrating job I have to work at. Once a game turns to work, it's no longer worth working on, and time to go find one of a few million other game to play at. Just might be worth making the game a little less pay to win in order to gain some longevity. Perhaps they can take the feedback and speed things up if they do an update. Anyways, time to close the thread, nothing more is going to be accomplished here.
  2. Buying gems would be counter productive at this point. Turn into a permanent $$$ sink hole, and I don't do pay to win. I finally nabbed a blue box, got all 3 stars on it (rose too high, can't streak any more, another wall ^_^), not a single gold part. Seriously, level 16, blue boxes are dropping level 14 parts if they get the crown boost, time for a rebalance if you want any non whales for the whales to pick on or to pretend it isn't intended to be just pay to win. I've also only got two legendaries, but level 5 equipment with no synergies. grumble.
  3. I hope RNGeesus smiles soon, this is getting rough. I've gone through probably almost two dozen wooden boxes so far today, not a single blue box drop, have 3 crowns sitting on the other 3 wooden boxes. I had to burn everything I had just to level up two blades enough to have any chances at quick battle streaks. I'm starting to like the rough parts of my day job better than this terrible farming work. I just want to rollover the prestige levels so I can play the low levels again where it was fun.
  4. I'm not sure there's any advice you can give me, I think I'm just venting. I've essentially reached the end of the game unless I go pay to win. Every one of my bodies has 1/3 to 1/10th the HP of everybody in my tier, and ALL of my boxes drop items 2-4 stars lower than my tier (getting 3-5* green in 2* yellow league and almost never get even 1* anything). Seeing as how every single competitor in my tier can 1-2 hit me, and most are running triple rockets, I've been defeated by the drop box RNG and probably will just drop the game. Not the best design. More info, I can't boost my lasers, then only military grade non chainsaw weapon I have, since they're broken. My best rocket is a modified 2* metal (green) one, and my 5* greens are both too expensive and to weak to use. Not even the lousy sponsor boxes give me military gear. I won my last league by hopping over the competition, but now my bodies and weapons are too weak to do even that. getting to league 15 in 7 days is apparently too much for the game and it's decided to put a hard block on me. Unless I get a lucky drop soon, I'm not going to be able top keep at a game that's pure work and no more fun.
  5. I hardly bother with bets any more. Cars change too often and I get losses I shouldn't and have to spend gems to save items. Long bet's I would bother with, but since you have to wait till the last minute I'm nearly never on or forget to look during those last 5-10 minutes. Then I'm never in a league more than 2 days, so my gear that I worked my @** off to get the bonus on is becomes obsolete. I like the idea, but the mechanic needs revision before it's going to provide any real value to me.
  6. What you see on the betting screen does not relate to the end result. The percentage is based on the number of people on each side. If you get in early and more people join the other side, your rewarded % can go down. Most importantly, THE CARS CHANGE. You are not betting on the cars you see, those are just the display when you step up to the betting window. Cars CAN and HAVE changed from the time of placing the bet, which you are locked in under a false pretense, to when you press replay to see if you lost. Moral of the story, bet at your own peril, it may like like a sure thing. That rock with no weapon may just sprout a super laser when you go to watch your result, and you'll be tossing your gems down the drain saving an expensive leveled item when the rules are changed on you.
  7. I can 100% verify this is true. Happened to me on a long bet twice, but I dismissed it, but then it happened a few times on a short bet. Car changed from the time I placed the bet to the replay, costing me the bet. Not only this, but the % reward changes from bet time to replay too. I got in early on a bet at 3%, but then more people joined and both went to 2%. Turns out just to be a way to steal your gems. No more betting for me, the likelihood of this being a programming error is astonishingly slim. While it's easy and lazy to just make a pointer to the car, it's not possible to miss the consequences of the action.