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  1. Hi Archangrl! I recommend scatter cats, which has a few prestige players like you and your kids. We win about 50% off our city kings battles at the moment, although I'm hopeful you could help us up that ratio! The prestige requirement is set to 1 so you can join when you want! Hope to see you in the gang soon!
  2. Please enjoy this short video made by me!
  3. Find them in Ultimate Boxes, although they are very rare.
  4. Although I probably won't win, Google Play Card
  5. Z.E.P.T.O.L.A.B Zero Enthusiasm Put Towards Our Love, (CATS) Actually Business (Getting people to buy gems)
  6. Actually a topic Bouncy Boulders can have a sneaky as the chassis, despite the name. Shotguns are a weakness to this vehicle. 360 no-scope works well with double rocket. I like the titan though. Other good combinations Whale, lifter and repulse is a good combo that pushes lots of vehicles out of the map or onto its side. Surfer, minigun and shotgun together are great against bouncy boulders, lifters and melee weapons. Double lifter or forklift can also pack a punch.
  7. My first though was that Zeptolab was once again getting out its bag of tricks, with an Easter Tab at the top, but no 'event', then opening a supply box and getting a 10 min UL boost, and championship still being over a day. But, it is actually really good! Roll in the 5 star ratings!
  8. 3,141 I am now enlightened.
  9. In lower championships, I think prestige levels determine people on equal medals, so maybe that applies after there is a three-way tie? Or it could be whoever beats the one of the other three before the other two gets the higher place. But I have spent more time typing random words in the Code Section than in Stage 24, so chances are I'm wrong!
  10. Codes are words that Zeptolab will inform us of in YouTube videos or social media posts, which we then have a limited amount of time to type in and claim a reward of gems or boxes! See the Codes Topic for some more information or any recent codes. Check out a few of Phil's posts, he seems to enjoy teaching other kittens about their true existence and stories!
  11. This was made way back in September 2017 with the good old league, blue Cat points and someone using a first aid kit. There are three bugs: the first two are unexplainable to me and I have never seen anything like it, the third bugs has been seen before, but this video is old. And if you like the video/ my Youtube channel, tell me please! Any positive feedback is really nice!
  12. Vincenza Powers.
  13. you should know there is the championship with 24 stages, and within that 4 wooden stages, 5 metal stages, 5 military stages, 5 golden stages and 5 carbon stages. click on the map icon when in the championship to find these stages and the potential new parts to unlock. once you reach stage 24, indicated by a different icon, you can stay in the league and build a strong vehicle, or prestige and go back to stage one, losing your vehicles and coins, but unlocking even more helpful things, like more bets, more health for newly-unlocked parts and cheaper fusing cost, all upgraded with skill points, gained by each promotion from a stage, which will stay with you forever. The rating we used to know was demolished, replaced with purple points (rating) I think, earned in the ultimate league unlocked at stage 15. On settings, go to help for all the information, but this forum gives you lots of tips and strategy for progressing faster! hope this helps!
  14. Anyone else miss the old version, having millions of HP on their vehicles, getting 10/10 on gang fights daily, if not more, and reaping in the gems from the league and 10/24 championship? Having got to 10/24, I played slightly less, but now play way less, rarely filling all 4 box slots, forgetting to fight in championships, burning so many tickets....
  15. Congratulations!