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  1. Thanks, I think I'll just use the time to do quick fights to collect wrenches for Steevy's Box. So not a fan of the Showdown thing.
  2. How long do we have to endure the Showdown Event? I'm taking a break until the original championship mode returns.
  3. Finally got a phone powerful enough to record footage, so I managed to capture this - blink and you'll miss it, which is why I edited it so it plays twice with the 2nd time at 1/4 realtime:
  4. They ruined the game when they reduced the amount of good parts you can get from boxes, I'm getting seriously fed up of getting parts that are almost always 3 levels lower than my current fighting rank, crowns don't help anymore, it's all just random now.
  5. In over 35 years of playing computer games I've never had one stop and tell me it thinks I've been playing too long and refuses to run - that's a new level of rudeness..
  6. I've played this game a lot, I've already gone through 10 prestiges and then my tablet died so I had to start from scratch on another tablet as I had no way to recover that account, but for the first time I got a notice telling me I couldn't play anymore for a few hours because I've already played too much today. W T F ?? I read that the limit was 6 hours, I have certainly not been playing for the past 6 hours straight, something's not right and I don't like it.
  7. Excuse the video quality, no recoding software on my tablet (probably too old & slow to capture anyway) so recorded the screen with a sportcam. Behold! The Amazing Levitating Surfers! (I was at prestige 10 but my tablet died and I had no way to recover my status, so I'm struggling from the start again on another tablet)
  8. Grinding quick fights for crowns seems a bit bloody pointless now they mostly turn an item that was 3 stages lower into an item that's 2 stages lower. I can remember when a crown could turn a current stage item in a box into an item that was a stage higher than you're at, giving you a nice boost advantage, but not anymore because you rarely get current stage items in boxes anymore.
  9. Thanks for the explanation, juggernaut, I can see why they did it, but it's not nice from the players side of things. I haven't really looked beyond this forum for info about the game, but will take a look at the stuff on Reddit. I just got to prestige 10 a couple of days ago and I'm trying an odd strategy this time round, no selling or fusing any parts, just using what the boxes give, and only fusing the power ups and the occasional bet. At stage 9 currently and my vehicle has beaten all but 1 opponent
  10. A huge part of this game is the details & statistics of your parts & builds, why did they take some information away? That's quite absurd.
  11. The new version has a visual bug, when opening a box you get to see the individual items and their star ratings, but once you've gone through the list and all the items are presented on screen at the same time, you don't get to see their star ratings as before.
  12. Harpoon could be interesting, especially with the saw & shotgun for close quarters damage. I do have one slight problem with this update, the time it takes to connect to the servers is significantly longer than before, slowing gameplay right down as you're waiting for the "CONNECTING..." & paws icons to disappear.
  13. Crowns don't help much. I just opened a super box which had 3 crowns, I'm at stage 16 (golden, 2 stars):
  14. I'm also getting really fed up with this game mechanic, really frustrating spending gems opening 10 boxes quickly and maybe getting 3 useful parts at the level you're at, most are 2-3 levels lower and COMPLETE JUNK! It should be that each box you open has at least 1 part at the level you're at.
  15. It looked 'wrong', I didn't want to say anything further in case of breaking forum rules on being rude