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  1. Hi there, my name is Solaito and I'm a CATS YouTuber ( I've created the guild Fellow Foxes to become the #1 guild in CATS. The main language spoken in this guild will be English. For requirements and more info check the latest posts in this topic.
  2. The requirement has been lowered to 300,000. Everyone is welcome, you just have to be very active in gang fights. Our gang ID is: FELLOW FOXES#57655
  3. When gangs got realeased a lot of people experienced a bug where your screen freezes when you try to edit your gang settings. I'm still experiencing this bug. Any ideas when this might get fixed, it's been over a month?
  4. The fights don't take into account the stage you're at. This doesn't seem very balanced.
  5. Gang members: 14/15 Rerquirement: 10,000,000 So we're looking for one more member with at least 10M points, preferably 12M+. We're an english speaking gang.
  6. I know, hopefully they'll release some sort of hotfix soon.
  7. I don't like world chat, it's a bunch of random spam. I like the other ideas though.
  8. I contacted Zeptolab support, this is the answer I got.
  9. That's also a possibility
  10. Has anyone been able to fix this issue? I've tried restarting my phone and reinstalling CATS, but I'm still having this bug.
  11. The devs are aware of this issue. I hope they are working on a solution.
  12. I'm sorry. Keep on grinding, you'll get there
  13. max level = stars * 5 + 1 1 star: level 6 2 stars: level 11 3 stars: level 16 4 stars: level 21 5 stars: level 26
  14. Our second gang is live, go join Fellow Foxes 2#5863
  15. Due to a bug the requirements got set to 0 and when I try to edit, my screen freezes. We're also working on Fellow Foxes 2, so more people will be able to join.
  16. I'm also experiencing this bug on my Samsung Galaxy S4. Very annoying, hopefully it can get fixed soon.
  17. Requirements updated to 7,500,000.
  18. Video about the gang is live: Our gang ID is: FELLOW FOXES#57655
  19. Not in this update at least.
  20. Hey guys, my name is Solaito and this will be my video thread for sharing high quality CATS videos for players of all levels. Check here for frequent uploads! If you have questions about me or CATS the game you can ask them here and I'll do my best to answer them. Have fun! My Youtube channel:
  21. This episode of Best Fight in CATS went a little sexual
  22. The blade, kinda looks like a chainsaw which makes more sense physically speaking
  23. Winning with a wooden rocket?
  24. Can't believe I got instant promoted with this car
  25. My best betting tips for CATS