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  1. I’ve seen this bug before since the HW parts are adjusted they give so much health and damage as bonus and the devs never expected and they corrected this
  2. If you see a full gang you can’t enter it also if a prestige level is required at the minimum you can’t enter it if you doesn’t has the necessary prestige level that the gang needs that’s all
  3. I want rewards on the xmas AS event what is the reward? Maybe a christmas whale? (Forgot the name) acronym: AS = All-Stars
  4. Like Jio said, it's a Server-based game. If you disable Wi-Fi and Mobile data or even turning Airplane mode the Game will not work without Internet
  5. sorry for the inconvenience, i think the HotWheelz event will take a while to start, be patient
  6. No! don't trust it this file is a Virus/Malware and fill your computer with Viruses don't download it
  7. i was playing cats in a year ago and i received a minigun in a regular box without prestige during the halloween update so that's normal? i wait some replies thank you
  8. unfortunately CATS isn't released for Facebook and Windows, only for Android and iOS there others games from zeptolab are released on these platforms except CATS
  9. Where is the gif Upload on imgur is a best image hosting site
  10. Why some people is talking about CATS here I don't know and doesn't get banned off-topic is for non-related to cats I want to know why?
  11. That's pretty funny i don't know zeptolab will add more cities to invade when your gang invaded meow york will add more?
  12. chinese new year still far SEARCHED ON GOOGLE this event will start in February 16th
  13. just uninstall and install another antivirus
  14. what is your antivirus?
  15. hi dabbing cuttlefish i'm not getting the rank "wild kitten" i reached to 25 posts and i not getted the rank please set the post quantity to a right quantity