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  1. You can also try to tap the controller icon in settings to login/logout and tap again after 5-10 seconds. Game should instantly check cloud system.
  2. It's legit. My favourite apk mirror. It's just a website with dumped games and apps.
  3. Android 5.1 RAM: 1GB Storage: 123MB Works really well. I can even record fights in 40-60 fps.
  4. Try out
  5. After a basic tutorial try to open Settings and click on game controller, which is red or green. You will be asked to login or you'll be logged out. Just try to login again and wait a bit. You should get a popup with question, which account you want to use - current one or new.
  6. Ye, there will be balloons attached to hostile vehicles, which gonna lift the vehicle for some time.
  7. We, Mechanics, can only ban these spam accounts + remove their posts. We have no power to change forum security. It's annoying for us too, because we have to remove these spammers almost every day. All in all I have no idea who manages the forum. In addition, I can't even like posts now, because liking option just disappeared for me. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  8. For free only from Gang Box.
  9. Yup. App doesn't know about macro scripts made for example, for Windows. Never heard about Android emulators? People use them for clicker games to easily farm points without doing anything. They can just leave PC turned on with script. Exactly same goes with C.A.T.S. - cheaters can automate Quick Fights to gain score. More score - bigger chance for #1 reward on scoreboard. That's why gameplay is limited. Devs can't do anything with emulators, so they just limited gameplay time to decrease difference between legit players and ugly cheaters. It's not a 100% sure, but I think that's why they have did this.
  10. I think that this limit is to make farming harder. Sadly, they can't control what player is doing, when he/she is using 3rd party programs on emulators.
  11. Well... It will be fun after reaching Prestige 10. I'll lose my vehicles at least 5 times, because I'm P5 now.
  12. Team Fortress 2, called hat simulator.
  13. Please read this - You have almost everything explained. Same help is in game - "Help" button in Settings.