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  1. Yeah I usually use surfers, but unfortunately you can't pick which chassis you get, otherwise i would have put a forklift in front. Thank you, guys for all your replies.
  2. At which stage does it make sense to use that? Also, what happens when you are in the carbon parts, they have way too much health. So when is the best time to use that set up? The game is still very new, we could establish a new name, because I don't think the name is fitting as well... How about "death spinner" (haha)
  3. 360 no scope? Are we playing FPS? I think you should explain this to me, but i guess we should open another thread for that EDIT: Okay, now i Know what a 360 no scope is, but why a low health body and not carbon or golden? Do you match with weaker opponents then?
  4. Thank you for your explanation. So far I had no need of a secound set up, I always use my best machine for championchip and quick fights. I guess this tactic makes only sense in higher prestige?
  5. If you don't use titan and you get a bonus on titan then you can sell it, still use it on any chassis as normal part or level something else up. You already see the bonus after the first bet so there is no need to gain more bonus percentage if you won't use it. It's a lucky game to get a part fitting to your body, but you always get new party from boxes and at one point you finally get a bonus which fits.
  6. If you see a boulder with 2 strong blade and a booster, it is very predictable that it lands on you or behind you, that is the whole tactic about a boulder with 2 blades, to kill the enemy from the back, because most weapons don't shoot back, it's only double rocket and a blade who can counter these boulders.
  7. I had so many, but just sold them all, because there was no need til I saw this thread -.- Did you recieve that when you were on 1* military or did you have it from before? If it's the first case: Then it is really useless If it's the latter case: Then it's not a bad weapon at all, especially it is a 5* wood so you can level up til 25(?)
  8. I didn't mean right now, just when the game gains more players and at one point you could reduce bots. I'm new to this forum so I don't know specific names for tactics and stuff, I assume a farming build is a machine used for making long win streaks in quick fights?
  9. source: https://zepto.helpshift.com/a/cats/?l=en&s=spare-parts-toolboxes-stickers&f=weapons
  10. I guess that is your own fault then. You should always check the bets first, which one seems the safest and then you bet your item, also it is not hard to hit the right button, I mean when you think the left machine wins, then you tap on the left bet button, pretty easy isn't it? When you think afterwards "Oh, I didn't see that forklift" or something like this, then that's it you already made your bet, Believe me happened to me a lot. But you obviously confirmed your bet and also it would destroy the stats of the bet, the thing where you can see how many players bet for each machine would switch around the whole time, imagine how often people would change the bet. So I think it's pretty fair. When you bet in real life it is the same, you just can#t undo a bet
  11. What do you mean with max power? It depends which weapons you use, a chassis doesn't do any damage on it's own. Also you should also look out what kind of super parts you have, if it's more useful for a boulder go on boulder if it's more useful for a sneaky then go sneaky. I mean especially wheels and boosters etc, can give you up to 60% health tp your chassis. When you have a boulder whith 100 health and a wheel which gives 60% to boulder then you have 1600 health + the health of the wheel. Weapons can also make more damage when they are on a certain chassis. If you have a sneaky and a blade giving you 60% attack on itself when it is on sneaky then that is a good thing. ALWAYS try to max you machine with bonuses. Also don't forget the legendary parts.
  12. The bots I fight against are mostly weaker than I am, also they come very often again and again. I mean the names. Nobody said that all of the quick fight matches are bots, right? Also I'm wondering if the devs reduce the bots, when more and more player are active, what would you say?
  13. Thank you, didn't notice that in my first run, but this happens quite a lot now on Prestige 1.
  14. Since I can't edit my first post:
  15. Hello guys, I am wondering how it happend that I lost this battle. I had both; more health and more attack