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  1. Here's why Zeptolab decided to migrate to Discord: "We decided to move from the forum to Discord because this opens up new possibilites such as multilingual chat, voice chats, pinned posts, and so on. It is also much easier to moderate." I don't think if Discord is better than the forums though, in the forums we can create topics and discuss on those topics while Discord doesn't have this feature since it's a open chat app. What about the CATS Telegram group?
  2. They should keep this forum active, sad that they shutted down the forum and not allowing new members to join. I attempted to create another account on the forums too and no Email Verification Email has been sent. But at least we have the Discord Server to communicate with other players quickly.
  3. how do you enter on this championship?
  4. Sounded like: GET A WHOLE OF THIS
  5. Yeah your body moves slow because you applied slow pig wheels that's the reason
  6. oops i mistaken with he and she sorry
  7. bread with butter? he doesn't even take his prestige for now maybe a new countdown for that prestige is starting or eat his groceries?
  8. Looking below on the page "powered by invision community" it needs to be more optimized and clean please devs try one of the alternatives 1. phpBB 2. MyBulletin 3. XenForo 4. MyBB
  9. you're the best in the forums so please BECAME A MECHANIC 😁
  10. you see a heart button in the bottom right corner of the topic and you will see three expressions "happy,sad and confused" and also "trophy and heart" icons please add more expressions like angry sleeping etc.
  11. so he said "i've seen this stupid person" so this curse you so how did you talk with a person like that? Edit: did you know this person, if you don't know so DON'T TALK WITH HIM why did you do it?
  12. https://forum.catsthegame.com/profile/2965-phil/ he doesn't has profile picture my question is WHO IS PHIL? ane he so popular in the forums, you are a success in the forums CONGRATULATIONS!!
  13. Thanks for a Mechanic this feature has been disabled
  14. How i can do that?
  15. you've seen a thing like that, if you browse to the game files a audio file that isn't in the game the filename is balalaika_bear.ogg (balalaika is a instrument) you hear a very thick voice and a instrument music how the devs added this file for?