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  1. https://www.zeptolab.com/contact go to this page to talk about issues from the game
  2. thank you phil and wubbywubby you are the best only kittykitty is not helpful
  3. expired
  4. for me is not appearing the balloon button only the search icon
  5. Anyone help me please when i click on the update button It redirects to the play store but It doesn't show up the update button there's only the "open" button
  6. read the forum rules
  7. talk only in english here
  8. This is an problem related to the forum there's is no option to delete topic however chervey can fix this
  9. Me too
  10. you will need to contact zeptolab at email (i thank is support@zeptolab.com) or chat with zeptolab in the help section (at upper-right you can find a balloon click on the balloon and insert your problem )
  11. you can serach in the forum below
  12. the energy toolbox becomes into a lower value i will add 1 energy to my machine please add a high value for energy toolboxes
  13. i don't have telegram,reddit or discord account yet i have the facebook account please create a whatsapp community group please
  14. good answer i must to reinstall the game when the tutorial ends i can connect with google play games thank you for the answer
  15. i'm reinstalled the game it's worked to me i think is a "glitch" of the play store i'm reinstalled and i completed the tutorial and i connected to the facebook to restore my progress
  16. Same here
  17. the hack it's so cool anyone send to me?