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  1. 9 hours ago, Phil said:


    so he said "i've seen this stupid person" so this curse you so how did you talk with a person like that?


    Edit: did you know this person, if you don't know so DON'T TALK WITH HIM why did you do it?

  2. you've seen a thing like that, if you browse to the game files a audio file that isn't in the game the filename is balalaika_bear.ogg (balalaika is a instrument) you hear a very thick voice and a instrument music how the devs added this file for?

  3. Guys i've seen this recenty, if you browse to the game files (the main folder where is the game assets) a mysterious sound effect that isn't in the game the three files wall_hit1 wall_hit2 and wall_hit3 (these sound effects isn't used when you touch the big steam roller if the battle is long) and that's a mystery

  4. 5 hours ago, Amnvex said:

    Hmm... maybe they're doing a 3D update or something? A move to another engine?

    well that's the mystery i discovered in the game files if this image isn't in the game the developers just added the image for the official artwork of CATS

  5. On 21/07/2018 at 12:23 AM, Phil said:

    Hi Ruby 

    Just re-reading your original post .. and it stirred the Fellow Fox 🦊 detective in me 😀

    ”.. this stupid person around the forum she answers in a discussion .. “  Were you in fact referring to Kitty Kitty here (who is often mistaken for a feline)? Then your next statement “ I doesn’t know about Phil either “  would make more sense (logically if not grammatically 😂).

    If so .. I agree that Kitty Kitty is indeed responsible for some of the most off beat posts in this Forum. His humour is definitely an acquired taste 😂. But I assure you he is FAR from stupid. A much better CATS player than me .. and one of the best in the business !!

    Just take everything he says in the Forum with a grain of salt .. and you will come to enjoy his wacky sense of humour as much as I do 😀


    do you remember me phil?

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