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  1. First off it's 1 sticky roller and 1 knob. 2nd we already got 2 threads revolving this build. One is called 'backpedal' and one is called 'show me your builds'
  2. anyone who can proof this?
  3. You need stronger booster at level 3. And you need the exact same body.
  5. Hi, Translation: I already found a bug related to the game after I watch an ad the screen turns black I hope developers correct this Suggestion: It's a known bug. Take a look there -> Sugestão: É um bug conhecido. Dê uma olhada lá ->
  6. CATS_MAXIM for 200gems
  7. wont change anything on this one :'D
  8. Another 3 Days cycle and another disappointment... I just won 10/10 then i reseted won 10/10 again and today (2nd day of the 3 day cycle) i already won 10/10 again. I'm searching for active player (preferably p10s24) wich can support me and the gang in getting trophies. Come and build a great gang with me (; Would be happy if someone is intrested! Just leave me a msg here or PM me with ur avarage trophies per cycle. I can make space for YOU! I gonna kick an inactive one or one who just got 5 trophies over the last cycles.
  9. first i got used to sneaky + 2 backpedals + minigun. but since i upgraded stronger booster to get another build working i screwed this one :'D and then i just tried different things. That was the result :b
  10. you should try the build i've posted with sneaky and harpoon + backpedal. i guess u got stronger booster at lvl 3. so u should be able to get behind him and dodge his first shot + deal dmg (:
  11. Evil Within We are friendly and communicative atm we are aming on the 3-4th grad gangchest. ATM im the only p10s24 player. Im kicking those who arent collecting trophies thats why we are getting better and better. If u are willing to be part just join. ATM we got 1 space left. If we havn't space you can message me and i will kick someone who hasn't collected crowns yet
  12. He probally got a lagendary part by staging up and thats why he got that much health. Or he got an offer with healthboxes and bought it for real money. there are alot of variables ... It's definatly nothing special
  13. Hey (: atm we are 17/25 and im kicking all the players wich aren't collecting any crowns. Atm im searchin' for members like you. If you are intrested you can join (:
  14. What excatly do you mean?
  15. im searchin' member for my own gang and not a gang. So thanks for ur offer but i'll stay in my gang