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  1. Make sure it's not the fault of poor internet speed. It happened to me in the past but I don't experience it anymore.
  2. Referring probably to low power available on the golden titan comparing to the metal one.
  3. Are you joking? You need gems, no skills! Reset, reset, reset, replace, reset, reset...
  4. You all sound the same. There is no Australian, Canadian, American language, there's English only. There are small language differences between those living in Canada, US or any other English speaking country. Lol how over sensitive you are!
  5. But there's limit for the price. At some point the final price is about 3.9 mil coins or if you prefer 33 gems. So people who buy gems use them to upgrade stats with toolboxes using gems. So if you see top ranking people having 2 mil hp and 1 mil atk it means he upgraded heavily with toolboxes. As a result you come to a stage where you have plenty unused toolboxes and no gems. Then you decide you buy gems for upgrade quickly or don't buy and upgrade slowly. Generally the system puts pressure on you to buy gems to remain competitive.
  6. Don't spread false information. My limit is 20 ads a day and I get new batch exactly at 19:00 GMT every day. It's enough to open just 1 super box (12 ads) + 2 wooden boxes (2x4 ads).
  7. That's why you need to install minigun higher to reach jumping sneaky with the first shot.
  8. Thx for exhaustive explanation. Anyway this confirms my assumption that gangs completing their rounds later can adjust their ranking seeing earlier results.
  9. The problem exists probably due to different leaderboard update time for various world regions. Some gangs get their ranking updated earlier like XXX while others like OPG can still improve their ranking seeing partially updated leaderboard.
  10. I used to have almost unlimited video adds, no it's limited to 20 a day.
  11. But price factor remains, this is a lot more pricy than quick fights farming. You don't need to spend any gem to keep farming in quick fights. But note you have to spend money to keep resetting gang fights which is a good obstacle to farming. I believe majority of people don't spend any money for this game.
  12. It's not possible to farm in gang fights. It's pricy: resets cost respectively 30, 60, 90, 150 and 250 gems which creates enough obstruction for farmers.
  13. Fa Can't agree with that. Quick fights are free you can play as many opponents as you want unlike gang battles which are expensive, because you need to spend gems for each reset. If your achievements are lost after 3 days what's the point of this leaderboard at all? We like competition. After these couple of months we are again at the start point when we can compete from the very beginning, all have equal opportunities. Many people wanted to spend money for extra gems to have upper hand in gang battles, but when leaderboard doesn't matter right now nobody will do this investment, no point. Your second thought on all time gang leaderboard is acceptable.
  14. You are right. This is a BIG let down! This is really disappointing, and same opinion have most members of my gang! There's not really a point now to try to be highly ranked as all your efforts will disappear after 3 days! Fast update to include trophies from previous gang fights would make this competition more attractive.
  15. Uninstall the game. Restart the phone. Try looking for .apk to install it. There are mirror services you can find pure APK. Maybe will work for you. You will have all your progress back.
  16. What leaked picture are you referring to?
  17. Oh I see you've discovered that secret already that you need more gems to become stronger🤓 Welcome to the club. The easiest way is to buy gems for real money 😅 Occasionally you get discounts to buy packages with gems, toolboxes and equipment boxes. Other ways: - win championship - win league - advance to next stage - open boxes either by watching videos or just waiting for cool down to end. There is no other simple way.
  18. Hi, I have an idea for a contest. This should be called King of the hill or Cat of the hill. I hope developers will introduce something similar to official content. This competition would be very easy if players could adjust their health and attack values manually and only for this competition. The idea is to make a build that nobody will defeat under certain simple rules. RULES 1. A player who claims to be Cat of the hill presents his vehicle. (It would be perfect if one could present any car from available slots for this competition, while using other car for championship, and maybe other for quick fights or gang battles). 2. A player who wants to challenge the current Cat of the hill must present a car which based on H-health and A-attack is not stronger. All according to equation: H1/A2>=H2/A1, where H1, A1 health and attack of the Cat of the hill, and H2, A2 - health and attack of the challenger. In other words a challenger must be equal or weaker than defender. As a result you compete on the same level and try to outsmart your opponent. You don't need to pump up your vehicle and spend a lot of gems and gold but be creative and concentrate on vehicle properties, weapon positioning, way vehicle fights etc. Example The current Cat of the hill is H1=100, A1=30 His challenger is H2=150, A2=20 then H1/A2>=H2/A1 ---> 5>=5 and challenge is valid. 3. When challenger wins the battle he becomes a new Cat of the hill untill defeated. Thanks to such competition we can find best bodies and builds. The problem now is that if you start the challenge your car must be available until defeated, you should not modify it till then. Who wants to start the challenge immediately let him present his car first on a screenshot. Make sure your Cats account is connected to Facebook and that you give details how to add you to friends. The rest will try to beat you. New winner will have to prove it by posting video replay.