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  1. None of the above ! There was a recent trial conducted by Zeptolab for players selected at random (as far as I know). A most unfortunate part of this trial was a significant increase in the number of ads players were forced to watch .. in addition to the ads that are normally available to open boxes faster, gain a bonus part from boxes, or collect movie rewards. Disturbingly, these extra ads could be removed for a weekly cash payment ! In effect, players during the trial were given a choice .. either watch a barrage of ads (and contribute to increased ad revenue for Zeptolab) .. or make a weekly cash payment to avoid the extra ads (thereby contributing directly to Zeptolab’s revenue). A classic example of Hobson’s choice 😡
  2. Being able to beat builds with a canon/Uncle Sam .. or horseshoe/firecracker.. or sprinkler has become increasingly important ! Since the All Stars event, new builds incorporating all 3 of the new weapons/gadget have emerged .. and of course, the famous flue/sprinkler combination build (which we call a sprue) has remained as popular as ever. These builds are already in City Kings too .. so if you can’t avoid them .. beat them ! The two builds below will help you a great deal. A boneshaker with flamethrower and double rocket is very effective against all but the strongest sprues .. and against canons without horseshoes (unless the canon/horseshoe combination build has relatively low health .. in which case, your flamethrower will kill them before you’re lifted !) And whales with harpoons dine out on the new Uncle Sam/BBQ/firecracker combination .. and on canon/horseshoe (or equivalent) combinations 😀 The harpoon prevents your whale from being flipped. These two builds don’t need high stats .. although good flamethrowers and lasers are very helpful 😀 Finally .. All Stars event rewards generally expire at the end of the event ! So you need to spend your eagles 🦅 (or whatever the reward is) before the event ends. Because there is also a limit on how many rewards you can accumulate, progressively spending them is always the best strategy !
  3. Wrenches were introduced a while back when Steevy’s boxes replaced sponsors boxes. You use them to open the three Steevy’s boxes that are available each day. Wrenches accumulate without limit .. so earning more than the 350 wrenches you need to open the daily Steevy’s boxes (50 for the first, 100 for the second and 200 for the third) will enable you to build up a wrenches stockpile 😀 Steevy’s boxes are well worth opening each day ! They often contain great parts (5 in total) .. either at, or one below, the stage you’re playing (some are super parts) .. and 3 ultimate league tickets (one per box) 🎫👍
  4. Hi carbonhalo Our circumstances may be different (I’m still in gold league) .. but the degree of difficulty in fighting ultimate league opponents has definitely increased since the recent All Stars event. The key reason in my view is that the three new weapons/gadgets (Uncle Sam, Barbeque and Firecracker) are now being used by a number of opponents. There are several tricky new builds to fight .. I have lost quite a few tickets learning how to counter them 😭 The good news is that .. after a bit of experimenting .. you can learn to beat up these cheeky newcomers 💪👊 It may take a specific build (in the same way that a flue/frost sprinkler build does) .. or the use of builds that are less easily flipped .. but you can do it ! Once you’re fully prepared for the new builds, normal scoring can be resumed 😀
  5. I love the idea of Skiing Kittens 🎿 💖. But I believe the gang is called Skinny Kittens .. a member of the famous Fat Tracks Federation 😀
  6. Sadly, your shiny new rotating rocket will disappear in a puff of smoke when you prestige 😡 However, all is not lost ! Consider the $20 you spent as the best investment you will ever make in CATS. It has taught you the total futility of ever buying a Zeptolab offer for normal parts. Only offers for gems, All Star events and ultimate parts are even worth pausing to consider .. the rest are a rip-off ! The rotating rocket rip-off can now be added to similarly outrageous offers from Zeptolab in the past .. like the boomerang. Unlike the boomerang itself, the money spent buying this weapon never comes back 😭
  7. Results from the four cities played to date are .. Mew York ( 8 March - 30 June 2018 .. 114 days ) 1. Rex’s gang (228.6m pts) 2. Only Gangwars (203.0m pts) 3. The Godfathers (198.4m pts) Meowscow ( 30 June - 9 November 2018 .. 132 days ) 1. Rex’s gang (508.4m pts) 2. The Godfathers (467.8m pts) 3. Pbl (458.4m pts) Purris ( 9 November 2018 - 2 March 2019 .. 113 days ) 1. Rex’s gang (364.3m pts) 2. Immortals (336.2m pts) 3. The Baby Sharks (328.6m pts) Meow de Janeiro ( 2 March 2019 to date .. 124 days to date ) 1. Highlanders (460.9m pts) 2. Baby Sharks (433.4m pts) 3. Immortals (415.1m pts) Final placings in Meow de Janeiro are, of course, subject to change. Points of Interest A. Points were relatively low in Mew York because a different scoring system applied initially. Gangs started with maximum points (up to 140,000), then lost points for every minute that all buildings either weren’t held, or more than half occupied. Achieving maximum points was impossible under this scoring system. Instant wins were achieved by reducing your opponent’s score to zero ! B. The duration of Meowscow (132 days) has been the longest to date, although Meow de Janeiro is not far behind, and still going ! Zeptolab initially advised that a city would run for 90 days 😂 C. Rex’s gang achieved the highest score on record (508.4m pts) in winning Meowscow. To date, they are the only gang to score more than 500 million points. D. Highlanders are very likely to achieve the second highest score on record, with Meow de Janeiro still going. Not bad for a gang making its debut in this city 😀 E. Only 7 gangs have achieved a podium finish in the four cities contested to date .. Rex’s gang (3 times), The Godfathers (twice), (The) Baby Sharks (twice), Immortals (twice) and Highlanders, Only Gangwars and Pbl once each. Three of these seven gangs have since disbanded (with just the shell of once great gangs remaining) .. The Godfathers, Only Gangwars and Pbl are effectively gone. This is testament to the gruelling and expensive competition that City Kings is, for gangs playing at the elite level ! F. Since City Kings began on 8 March 2018, it has steadily become more pay-to-win. Two changes .. the introduction of paid healing .. and allowing the use of ultimate toolboxes .. have effectively destroyed City Kings as a competition for free playing gangs. I would love to see one of two options implemented by Zeptolab .. (i) Eliminate paid healing and ultimate toolboxes from City Kings for all gangs .. or .. (ii) Create two City Kings divisions .. Division One (with paid healing and ultimate toolboxes) .. and Division Two (no paid healing or ultimate toolboxes). Gangs would choose their division at the commencement of each new city.
  8. Meow de Janeiro will finish very soon .. as you say 😀 This City started on 2 March 2019 .. so it has already run for almost 4 months (to become the second longest city after Meowscow, where we spent 4 months and 9 days grinding away). Zeptolab now provide very little notice on a city’s end date .. but my understanding is that Meow de Janeiro is highly likely to finish within a week. Thank goodness .. the matchmaking system has turned feral for over a week now 😡
  9. Just noticed this very welcome change 👍 Regular boxes 📦 now contain 5 parts rather than 4 😀 Is this a permanent or temporary change ? Regardless, such benevolence from Zeptolab is rare .. and to be greatly celebrated 🎉🥳 I’m off to have a drink 🍺
  10. Championships typically have more than 14 players .. 15 to be precise 😂😂😂 Don’t forget .. you’re a player too 😂😂😂
  11. I’m getting videos to watch by closing the game on my iPad .. then opening it up again (sometimes two to three times before the error messages disappear). A more time consuming process than “normal” .. but with so many bugs in CATS, this has become “par for the course” ! Watching videos is a critical part of progressing through stages and prestige levels in CATS. How Zeptolab have managed to stuff up this part of the game .. and then not be able to fix it in a timely manner .. is very hard to understand ? Further evidence of the poor quality control that continues to frustrate long term, active players 😡
  12. Interestingly, there is a different error message for each category of video that you cannot watch (because of Zeptolab’s incompetence) 😡 The error message you have highlighted GhostMan is for the movies 🎥 videos .. particularly annoying because Zeptolab’s failure to provide videos has cost me an attack toolbox .. and therefore, an instant promotion ! Another day in CATS .. another Zeptolab fail. Que Cera Cera ..
  13. Zeptolab’s track record at fixing bugs is not good .. that’s a “cold fact” as Rodriguez would say. But enough is enough ! There are some very annoying bugs that have persisted in the game for far too long. I will provide a list shortly .. but first .. here is the latest bug that should be fixed urgently .. You could call it .. “no videos are available to watch” bug 🕷.. a nasty bug that stops you watching .. 1. Any of the movies 🎥 videos that are normally available every 4 hours 2. Your daily allocation of 20 to 30 videos that speeds up the opening of supply boxes 3. The occasional video that would give you a bonus part (always nice, because it’s always a part at the same stage as you are). Here’s a selection of the error messages that have been repeating ad nauseum for hours ..
  14. Mystery solved 😂 No .. not new ! Yes .. a wheel ! It was indeed the anti-gravity knob. PS Has anyone trialled the anti-gravity knob vs anti-gravity roller on a bouncy boulder (dozer) .. and are there any significant differences in performance?
  15. The normal Championship mode has always been 48 hours .. right from the very beginning. From time to time, Zeptolab have cut the length of Championships back to 24 hours .. but it always reverts to 48 hours ! I suspect the latest brief period of 24 hour Championships was introduced as compensation to players for enduring the total debacle that was the second anniversary Showdown Event ! The worst event ever run by Zeptolab 👎 So players were given an opportunity to catch up a few of the promotions they “lost” during the Showdown “slowdown”. Be grateful for any small advantage bestowed on you by Zeptolab (I certainly am) .. because you can be sure they’re already planning some new “shocker” to knock the stuffing out of their long suffering player base 😱