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  1. I started playing CATS on 27 May 2017 .. and have been credited with all 32 “achievements” 😂 These achievements pre-date gangs and ultimate machines .. and are therefore part of a bygone era in my opinion. Prior to the introduction of gangs in early August 2017, the old blue points individual leaderboard was dominated by Lord Deathside (if I remember his name correctly) .. and he was “the talk of the town”. Most CATS players now have never heard of him ! With the introduction of gangs, individual performance became less important .. the main focus was on the gang leaderboard (trophies). In March 2018, City Kings was unveiled for the first time .. and the CK leaderboard has become the major focus of virtually all gangs and players. So the old achievements are no longer a thing in my view .. they are long forgotten by the veteran players, as we struggle to keep up with the never ending schedule of CK matches !
  2. The remedy has never been available in UL boxes. From memory, it was a district reward in Mew York (the first CK City) .. and I think it was also part of the City Set that was recently provided as prizes for the top 50 gangs in Purris. I wouldn’t be too concerned about not having it .. I’ve never used it, and regard it as one of many useless UL parts created by Zeptolab to clutter our UL parts inventory !
  3. Check out the post below .. entitled “Lost a Bet?”
  4. I don’t bet because I don’t consider Zeptolab offers fair bets (in the economic sense .. the expected return from betting parts is less than the expected cost). In your situation : 1. Use a stage one car to quick fight .. and generate boxes to open. You may even get enough wrenches to open Steevy’s boxes. It will be a slow process .. but you will eventually rebuild a stockpile of parts, including some stage 9 parts. 2. Before betting again, check out the Bets section of this Forum .. there is some brilliant advice on how to recover parts from lost bets without spending any gems at all 😀
  5. There is a very simple answer to this question. With very very few exceptions Zeptolab do not implement any player suggestions in the game of CATS ! Their developers are far too busy working on new ways to extract money and gems from players 😠
  6. 1. The only advantage of Steevy’s boxes is that the 5 parts per day (from 3 boxes) are generally of higher quality than the low level parts dished out in sponsors boxes. On the other hand, having to work for them .. missing out on toolboxes .. and receiving significantly fewer parts .. are obvious negatives👎 2. Burnout (caused primarily by the ridiculous 24 hours a day, 365 days a year City Kings format) is a real and ongoing problem for players (and gangs). To be honest, Steevy’s boxes don’t add a lot of additional work .. quick fights to crown boxes provide most of the required wrenches ! But I cannot believe that Zeptolab have persevered for almost a year with such a demanding CK format .. they are losing players and gangs in droves .. but don’t seem to have figured out why ? 3. Like you, I was hoping Zeptolab would start to address some much needed changes in gang administration (at the very least). Will we see them when the new city starts ? Two chances .. Buckley’s .. and none 😠
  7. That’s right .. the new Steevy’s boxes are a permanent replacement for the old sponsors boxes. The notifications (flashing box in the store icon) are no longer for the sponsors box .. but to alert you that a Steevy’s box is ready to open (ie you have sufficient wrenches to open one).
  8. Spot on ! Gangs were introduced into CATS in August 2017 .. almost immediately there were calls for a co-leader or 2iC position to be created. Eighteen months later, nothing has been done ! City Kings started in early March 2018. Soon after, gang leaders requested some form of activity monitoring (personally, I favour the traffic light system). Twelve months later, again nothing has been done ! It is very clear that Zeptolab is not at all interested in making life easier for gangs and gang leaders. Their focus is almost solely on developing new ways to extract as much money as possible from CATS players 😡. There is no doubt that developers need to make money .. but Zeptolab has had the balance between money making and developing a great game (with fair competition) seriously wrong for over a year !
  9. At one point, Zeptolab offered ultimate parts (for purple cash rather than gems) .. and restricted the offer, so you could only buy a limited number of parts. Ultimate parts aren’t lost when you prestige .. so they are a much better buy. The fact that it was a limited offer also indicates it was a good one .. Zeptolab’s offers are often unlimited, because they want you to buy as much crap as possible ! When All Stars events are on, I will buy batteries (10 batteries for 300 gems) if it helps me to get better ultimate parts prizes. And although it’s not in the shop, Zeptolab’s offer of 5 tickets for 50 gems can also help you get more ultimate parts in the ultimate league from time to time. In summary, gems are usually best spent on ultimate parts (which last forever) .. rather than normal parts (which are lost on prestiging).
  10. A universal body will add 100% or 120% (depending on your prestige level) to weapons, gadgets or tires in general (rather than specific weapons, gadgets or tires). There is a clear risk with buying universal bodies .. if you get a legendary bonus to gadgets, but your body has no gadget slots, the universal bonus is totally wasted ! In general, most of the deals in the shop are more likely than not to be a waste of gems (with very few exceptions). My advice is not to buy risky offers like these .. your gems are much better spent on gang fights for example .. which benefits your gang, and provides you with lots of parts from gang fight rewards (including legendary parts and toolboxes if you win 10/10 gangfights) and the gang box.
  11. Continuing the theme of large international cities (Mew York, Meowscow and Purris) .. Singapaw 😀
  12. There are several stages of activity in City Kings : 1. Enlist 2. Attack parking guards or enemy cars 3. If successful, a gang members cars are shown as defending (observable by checking each building) 4. If unsuccessful, a gang members cars are healing (not observable by the leader) The biggest frustration for gang leaders in CK currently is the absence of a “traffic light” system that would show each gang member’s activity status. For each car, beside a gang member’s name in the Gang List, there should be a : A. Red dot for cars that are neither defending or healing B. Orange dot for cars that are healing C. Green dot for cars that are defending This system would be visible to the entire gang .. and clearly show at all times who is actively participating in a CK match. It would show you if a player has either not enlisted, or enlisted but not attempted to play any cars (3 red dots against the member’s name) .. both scenarios are not helpful for a gang ! But it also gives detailed information on the status of all the cars available to the gang .. and would be a game changer for gang leaders in monitoring the activity levels of all their players. In my view, this is the single most important change that Zeptolab could make to CATS ! Every gang leader’s life would be made so much easier 😀
  13. A number of the top CK gangs have won more than 99 matches .. and completed district 10 in Purris. There is no break for these gangs ! They remain in district 10 .. and continue to accumulate wins and points, battling for the top 10 spots on the CK Leaderboard. Purris will end at approximately the same time for all gangs. It is likely that a 24 hour notification will be given .. then gangs move to the new city on completion of the match underway when the 24 hour timer expires.
  14. The most famous gang in CATS is looking for one or two VERY ACTIVE CK players ! Prestige level is not important .. just a burning desire to play in CK matches, and be part of one of the friendliest and consistently great gangs in CATS history ! Fellow Foxes 🦊 has finished 11th in Mew York .. 21st in Meowscow .. and is currently 22nd in Purris. Not bad for a free playing gang .. up against the big spending gangs that dominate the top 20 in City Kings 😀 Reply to this post .. or PM me on the Forum. We have a long term goal to be the #1 gang in City Kings .. it won’t happen overnight, but it will happen !
  15. Zeptolab was made aware of the grossly unfair and inadequate prize structure for City Kings when it was first introduced for Mew York .. over six months ago. Not only are CK prizes unfair .. but 9 ultimate parts (for gangs finishing 11th to 100th) is a ridiculously puny prize for over 3 months work (24/7) .. when compared with 4 ultimate parts (for individuals finishing in the top 8 in Gold League) for 3 days work in the Ultimate League ! There has been no change to the CK prize structure because Zeptolab are well aware that gangs continue to put huge effort into City Kings .. after all, it is the only interesting competition in CATS ! They will continue to do so .. despite the woeful prizes .. because gang supremacy in City Kings is the only thing worth fighting for. Consequently, don’t hold your breath for any changes in City Kings prizes .. any time soon.