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  1. I’m getting videos to watch by closing the game on my iPad .. then opening it up again (sometimes two to three times before the error messages disappear). A more time consuming process than “normal” .. but with so many bugs in CATS, this has become “par for the course” ! Watching videos is a critical part of progressing through stages and prestige levels in CATS. How Zeptolab have managed to stuff up this part of the game .. and then not be able to fix it in a timely manner .. is very hard to understand ? Further evidence of the poor quality control that continues to frustrate long term, active players 😡
  2. Interestingly, there is a different error message for each category of video that you cannot watch (because of Zeptolab’s incompetence) 😡 The error message you have highlighted GhostMan is for the movies 🎥 videos .. particularly annoying because Zeptolab’s failure to provide videos has cost me an attack toolbox .. and therefore, an instant promotion ! Another day in CATS .. another Zeptolab fail. Que Cera Cera ..
  3. Zeptolab’s track record at fixing bugs is not good .. that’s a “cold fact” as Rodriguez would say. But enough is enough ! There are some very annoying bugs that have persisted in the game for far too long. I will provide a list shortly .. but first .. here is the latest bug that should be fixed urgently .. You could call it .. “no videos are available to watch” bug 🕷.. a nasty bug that stops you watching .. 1. Any of the movies 🎥 videos that are normally available every 4 hours 2. Your daily allocation of 20 to 30 videos that speeds up the opening of supply boxes 3. The occasional video that would give you a bonus part (always nice, because it’s always a part at the same stage as you are). Here’s a selection of the error messages that have been repeating ad nauseum for hours ..
  4. Mystery solved 😂 No .. not new ! Yes .. a wheel ! It was indeed the anti-gravity knob. PS Has anyone trialled the anti-gravity knob vs anti-gravity roller on a bouncy boulder (dozer) .. and are there any significant differences in performance?
  5. The normal Championship mode has always been 48 hours .. right from the very beginning. From time to time, Zeptolab have cut the length of Championships back to 24 hours .. but it always reverts to 48 hours ! I suspect the latest brief period of 24 hour Championships was introduced as compensation to players for enduring the total debacle that was the second anniversary Showdown Event ! The worst event ever run by Zeptolab 👎 So players were given an opportunity to catch up a few of the promotions they “lost” during the Showdown “slowdown”. Be grateful for any small advantage bestowed on you by Zeptolab (I certainly am) .. because you can be sure they’re already planning some new “shocker” to knock the stuffing out of their long suffering player base 😱
  6. Strawberry chocolate 🍫 isn’t an experiment .. it’s been around for years ! And it is absolutely delicious .. only raspberry chocolate is better, because raspberries are the most delicious fruit on the planet 😋
  7. Prior to the latest round of new weapons for normal cars, the boomerang and Molotov cocktail 🍹 were introduced. Neither of these weapons has yet been made available in supply boxes .. so it may be quite some time before you get a rotating chainsaw again. The good news is that it’s absence is unlikely to delay your prestiging progress ! Double rockets, miniguns and blades have been available from supply boxes for a very long time now .. and they are pretty much all you need to build OP normal cars 😀
  8. No .. health and damage are unlimited at all stages. Level up your booster .. and watch your health rise above 25,000 😀
  9. Hi there Jio Hindsight is a wonderful thing .. as we would often say in the financial markets that I worked in 😀 No trader I ever knew lost money in hindsight 😂 So now that the Showdown event has started, all is indeed crystal clear ! Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions after the event had started .. but, as you can imagine, I’d already worked out the answers myself 😂 However, your news post on the event was before it started .. when there were “known unknowns” .. and perhaps even “unknown unknowns” (Donald Rumsfeld). You had 3 main options when posting .. 1. State the timing of the event .. and say nothing more. 2. State (as you did) that the event was a new Championship mode .. temporarily replacing the existing Championship. 3. State that the event was a new Championship mode .. and say nothing more. In hindsight, it must be clear to you that options 1 and 2 create no confusion .. whereas option 3 (the one you chose) creates a number of “known unknowns”. Those “known unknowns” were covered in my initial post on this topic .. so there is no need to repeat them here. When you communicate, it’s important to remember that not all players are privy to as much information as you have. To be effective, you need to put yourself in the shoes of the “average player”. Good luck 😀 .
  10. Hi Jio Just spend a moment thinking this through 😀 You claim that various laws allow (or even require) for a player to be asked how old they are. You also suggest that a player’s specific date of birth cannot legally be asked for. Did it not occur to you then that it is perfectly legal to ask for a player’s age (eg 10 years and 5 months) .. then calculate an approximate DoB (eg November 2008) ? Using this information .. you can then calculate when that player is old enough to access in-game chat .. and provide that access. Problem solved 😀 Thinking carefully about problems leads to solutions. I hope you can follow the logical connection between age and date of birth 😂
  11. Asking for players’ ages was a “rookie” mistake from some obviously inexperienced game designers ! Why they didn’t ask for date of birth is just beyond belief. Armed with all players’ dates of birth, they could easily permit all players to have access to chat as soon as they reached the required age 😀 Having made such a monumental stuff-up on such a basic, but very important, issue .. I’m not sure how difficult it is to do it properly now ? Sadly, it is one of many issues that makes in-game chat utterly sub-standard .. and why all the top gangs are forced to use discord, telegram and other external chat platforms to communicate effectively. Will it be fixed soon ? Zeptolab have a woeful record of fixing any issue that doesn’t impact on their potential revenue from CATS. As they celebrate the second anniversary of CATS by introducing yet another p2w element into Championships, we can only reflect on the multitude of bugs, glitches and issues that they haven’t bothered to fix over the past two years 😡 Happy Anniversary Zeptolab 🥳
  12. Prestiging enables you to complete another 24 stages .. and get 24 ultimate parts for doing so. For the first few prestige levels, it also unlocks various new skills (which make future prestiging easier). So you prestige to get more ultimate parts .. to improve your ultimate cars .. and do better in City Kings matches. These days .. City Kings is the only reason to play CATS .. it has become a very boring game otherwise !
  13. Bye

    Don’t do anything irreversible DC ! It’s been so much fun having you around .. when you were posting in full flight (or rather, full swimming power), they were the glory days of this Forum. The Forum is much the quieter and less interesting in your absence (no offence intended to current contributors). You remain the third highest poster on the Forum .. and it will be a long time indeed before you are overtaken 😀 Your name made you unique .. I wouldn’t regret it at all. Go well DC .. you will be missed by many .. but one grumpy (only at times) old Fox 🦊 in particular. I salute you !
  14. We’ll find out soon enough .. but seriously, Zeptolab are the masters of confusing communication ! A new Championship mode ? In addition to the current Championships held every 48 hours, or replacing them ? If in addition to the current Championships, will the new Championship mode also allow you to progress through stages and prestige levels ? If not, why call it a Championship mode ? A typical Zeptolab announcement .. one that raises far more questions than it answers .. and provides almost no meaningful information ! Silence would be a much better approach .. just surprise us like you always do with another pay to win event, dressed up as something new and exciting 😡
  15. Damage on any weapon can be increased with attack toolboxes. There is no limit on the number of toolboxes you can place on normal parts .. so theoretically, there is no limit on how much damage a single golden (or wooden, for that matter) weapon can do ! Toolboxes .. or bonuses on parts .. cannot be transferred unfortunately.