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  1. There are many frustrating aspects to playing City Kings .. and a fair sized list of improvements Zeptolab could make to an otherwise excellent new mode. I would love to see : 1. A 2iC at a minimum (probably best to call this the Deputy Leader position) .. and preferably another couple of co-leaders. The Deputy Leader could kick all players except the Leader .. whereas co-leaders could only use free scouts/replaces. 2. Players other than the leaders would be UNABLE to use free scouts/replaces. 3. Shorter fights, with set finish times. The current 24 hour matches with variable finishing times are both ridiculously long and unnecessarily confusing. Simply make them 12 hour matches with the same points parameters .. losing gangs will then get at least some points for their efforts, and new matches will start every 12 hours. 4. Rest days every 3 days .. just like ultimate league. Why Zeptolab ever thought it would be fun to play City Kings continuously 24 hours a day for day after day after day is totally beyond me!! GIVE US A BREAK !!! 5. Number of cars placed in City Kings match against each player’s name in the My Gang section .. in addition to trophies. Currently, you have to check each area one by one to determine those players with available cars .. another ridiculously time consuming aspect of City Kings!! These are the main changes I would like to see .. there are other “nice to haves” as well. If the five changes (or variants of them) could be made in a timely manner, it would make what is already a great new game mode into a far more enjoyable experience for those of us currently playing City Kings almost 24/7 😩
  2. Thanks DC .. happy to coach you in both economics and CATS play. Keep working hard and you will achieve all your dreams .. to be just like me 🏆🦊😂
  3. The idea of a 2iC has been discussed on this Forum for well over six months .. pretty much from the time that gang fighting for trophies first started. There is unanimous player support for the idea .. but it quite clearly remains a low priority for Zeptolab 🙁 Not much more to say about this .. don’t hold your breath that 2iCs (let alone other co-leading positions) are coming any time soon .. and battle on as gang leader as best you can 🤯
  4. There are gang fights (for trophies) and gang wars (for influence points) .. since the City Kings update. So players in a gang can be active in two ways now. One is by earning trophies over a three day gang fighting round against enhanced real players. The second is by winning spots in area parking lots against either bots or real players from an opposition gang. The latter is anything but laid back, and has redefined the meaning of activity. To be a successful City Kings gang, a substantial majority of your gang need to fight again and again over a gruelling 16 to 24 hour period, depending on how quickly you can drain your opponent’s points to zero. I, for one, would love to see the introduction of rest days in some way into gang wars 😀
  5. My own view is that it’s not foolproof .. otherwise everyone would be using it! Word travels fast for a sure fire winner 😀 However, when it comes to influencing the draw you get in gang fights .. this is definitely worth trying. You have nothing to lose .. and even if it only occasionally works, that’s more trophies in the pot (hopefully for significantly fewer gems spent on replacing opponents) 😀
  6. It’s very clear that you need only survive the third rocket shot to win that fight .. so around 120,000 more health points would do the trick 😀 It’s not about ratios .. rockets hit at one second intervals .. vs 0.2 second intervals for minigun strikes (once the minigun is “warmed” up) .. so you simply need enough health when using miniguns to survive the relevant “big” hit from a rocket. The maths is super simple with rockets and double rockets 🚀.. more complicated for miniguns because of the warm-up period for this weapon.
  7. Thanks heaps NotANewb.. very helpful with the “money round” of the YouTube contest just around the corner 😀
  8. Is the slot tactic about putting three weak builds up before replacing .. or the order of those three weak builds in your garage?
  9. LEADED ??? Seriously DC? ”No, it was LEAD by a now-dead second account.” Just because you killed off your second account, there’s no need to murder the English language as well 😂
  10. Actually, an excellent idea embedded in this clever comment. There should be a daily limit on the number of posts that any kitten or cat can make. This would prevent a number of current contributors from flooding the Forum with fallacious, fumbling and foolhardy attempts at “enlightening” long suffering readers with their inane, inept and incomprehensible insights into the game of CATS. A limit of 5 posts per day would be an excellent starting point! It would raise the average quality of posts on the Forum considerably 😀
  11. I think you’ll find having 7% of the total posts in a Forum qualifies you for the tag “I have no life“ in any Forum with over 1,000 members (past and present)
  12. Math ability is relative to your age and grade .. that’s true! To help both your math and CATS play, I will devise a CATS fight where you can pick the winner using math .. applied math problems are simply the best 😀 Back shortly with your math problem .. I just need to apply some advanced mathematics to determine when Fellow Foxes 🦊 is projected to win its 49th City Kings fight. This of course transitions us from district 7 to district 8 😀 Actually .. perhaps you can help? Our opponents are losing influence points at the rate of 134 points per minute. They currently have 65,604 influence points remaining. How long (in hours and minutes) before we claim our 49th win? Hint .. assume their loss rate continues (they have no chance of controlling or jointly controlling any areas for the remainder of the game). Also note that 134 points per minute = 8,040 points per hour. Good luck!😀
  13. It is indeed obvious 😀 However, I have noticed over your many posts that math isn’t your strong suit. Perhaps more time spent on math homework 📚.. and a little less time on CATS .. would rectify this? 😂
  14. 2 slot classics are as common as muck .. I think you meant 3 slot classics 😂
  15. Another code Sliverbullet? Angela is 14 .. as she quite clearly said many, many posts ago 😀 Because he is always working on some new scheme to disrupt Fellow Foxes 🦊. Be careful NotANewb .. I don’t think we are their only target 🎯. Remember your earlier concerns about someone spying on your gang? I initially dismissed those concerns .. but I was wrong! I am convinced these KGB agents were indeed spying on Cougar Tracks 🕵️‍♂️ You are 16 NotANewb.. the number of City Kings wins we are about to have (48) divided by 3 (the final City Kings rank we are targeting) 😀