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  1. Hi GreedyCat There was indeed a major server crash that affected most, if not all, gang functions .. including City Kings and gang fighting ! The official announcements on the CATS discord server are shown below. Some (small) compensation to all players for the inconvenience would be greatly appreciated .. but I’m not holding my breath 😂
  2. LOL chimbombo 😂 1. Lasers hit with 2.5 times the face value of their damage ! (although the damage dealt by toolboxes added to lasers was changed quite a while ago). 2. In the video above, Tyler quite clearly one-shots his opponent .. while adma’s laser doesn’t fire at all ??? 3. The $64 question is why does Tyler’s laser fire first ? The accepted answer is that this is randomly determined .. the same result applies for the duration of a Championship .. but the outcome can be changed by changing parts on your car, and re-fighting your opponent. 4. Good news ! This “problem” is rarely encountered .. even in ultimate league, where I still use a traditional whale and laser (even though this combination is fast becoming an endangered species) 😂
  3. Please allow me to make a few points in response to the above comments on this issue. 1. By far the most valuable use of paw points would be to allow their conversion into gems ! The currency of CATS is gems .. and with gems, you can do anything in the game (generate ultimate cash, improve normal cars, buy ultimate parts, etc). So Presto’s suggestion of 20 gems per paw point is an excellent one .. easy to implement, and valuable to all players 🏆 2. I agree with TheMexican that CATS is a great game .. but reform is still urgently needed ! However, none of that reform should involve normal cars .. because normal cars are a mere sideshow to the main event. Ultimate cars are the only cars that matter in CATS ! To make any changes to normal cars would be a total waste of scarce development resources at Zeptolab ! 3. I disagree strongly that Zeptolab are doing a “fantastic job” with CATS. They are clearly making City Kings (the premier and only important gang competition .. in fact, the only important competition in the game) more and more pay to win .. and that is a great pity indeed ! There is no balance whatsoever in a CK match between a top 10 gang and any other gang below top 25. 4. So it’s a NAY from me ! Rather than wasting time on the trivia of normal car design, paw points should be convertible into gems, and Zeptolab should focus on creating multiple CK divisions (with paid healing eliminated from lower divisions). Playing CK will then become fun again .. rather than the lop-sided, uncompetitive farce that most CK matches have become ☹️ Can we dare to dream ? 😀
  4. Hi Jacklost The new maximum prestige level is 80. So .. 21 prestige levels to go 😀
  5. Until the Scrap Run event held recently to celebrate the third anniversary of CATS, the maximum prestige level was 75. The announcement below (on CATS discord) indicates that further prestige levels have been opened up .. but does not specify the new maximum. I’ll find out (one of the mechanics is sure to know) .. and let you know 😀
  6. I finished the Scrap Run with 580 bolts 😀 One of the NP players (formerly known as Non Prestigers 😂) scored 588 bolts 🏆 The maximum possible score for a free player (who didn’t buy Zeptolab’s bolt offer) was 590 bolts (14 initial bolts plus 6 bolts per hour for 96 hours) !
  7. Hi Jijok A very good question ! My understanding is the 20 ticket limit applies to any 24 hour period .. so the count starts from the minute you receive your first league ticket. If you accumulate 20 tickets within the next 20 hours (for example), you must wait 4 more hours to receive your next ticket ! This free ticket limit is, of course, a ridiculous and unnecessary limit 😡 In practice, active players are likely to generate 20 to 25 league tickets a day .. they should clearly be allowed to use them all. However, Zeptolab seek at every opportunity to favour pay-to-win (p2w) players over free players .. so they “rob” us of free tickets in the hope that we will buy more tickets (at 50 gems for 5 tickets, initially). The removal of the free ticket limit is one of many changes Zeptolab should make to restore some balance between p2w and free players. I’m not holding my breath .. but it’s nice to dream (of a better, fairer CATS world) 😀
  8. Hi there 😀 There have been two relevant changes to the game since you last played (among many changes, most to the detriment of free players) .. 1. You now get a gang box only if you have been with the gang for the entire 3 days of a gang box period. If you join a gang part way through the gang box period, you can contribute trophies .. but you will not get a gang box ! This change was designed to stop the practice (used by some players) of jumping into a gang just before the gang box was due. 2. Your name now changes colour from black to green whenever you are online. So your name will always be green when you check the gang list .. the other “green” players are also online ! “Today”, “Yesterday”, “2 days ago” etc next to a player’s name indicates when they were last online .. providing some indication of player activity for gang leaders. Welcome back 😀
  9. Reward list for Purris 2 is .. District 1 - Ice Cream Mace x2 District 2 - Corsair Drive Tire x2 District 3 - Frost Sprinkler x1 District 4 - Anti-gravity Scooter (X-70) x2 District 5 - Slow Scooter x3 District 6 - Santa’s Double Rocket x2 District 7 - Glacial Menace x2 District 8 - Flue x1 District 9 - Golem Fist x1 District 10 - Diamond Slow Scooter x1 Wishing you another successful mission to conquer Purris 2 😀
  10. LOL .. Flyfisher 😂 I take a lot of screenshots .. which helps jog my memory ! And I have always had a love of statistics, and the history of various sports and games ! Sadly, the history of CATS is very straightforward .. it is the story of an excessively greedy Zeptolab developing an initially great game (that was fun for all to play) into a farcical game where only big spenders can truly be competitive ☹️ Unlike major sports and games, all CATS competitions (particularly the flagship City Kings competition) have degenerated into a test of spending power only .. proving nothing more than which players and gangs have the deepest pockets. Zeptolab are gradually destroying CATS as a fun game .. which tested the skill and strategy of players. The best days of CATS are long gone .. and won’t return until Zeptolab creates two divisions in City Kings (one for the p2w fraternity .. and one where paid heals and scouts and ultimate toolboxes cannot be used, so that City Kings is once again a test of skill and strategy).
  11. LOL .. GhostMan, have you forgotten ALL the seasonal events Zeptolab have run over the past 12 months ? 😂 To jog your memory, here’s a list .. and I may have forgotten some !! 1. Christmas 2018 2. New Year 2019 3. Chinese New Year 2019 4. Easter 5. American Independence Day (4 July) 6. Halloween Most, if not all, of these events have been in All Stars format, rather than the new super-shitty Grand Prix format (which is a massive pile of steaming 💩) But wait .. there’s more ! To celebrate a new contract with Hot Wheels, we have been subjected to two All Stars and two Grand Prix events in a month long “horror show” 😱 Unless you were prepared to spend money, there was nothing to see from these events ! Maybe, just maybe, Furry Road (the final Hot Wheels event) will be fun .. and offer a few decent prizes for active players (who have no intention of donating their hard earned cash to Zeptolab). And rest assured, Zeptolab will be wheeling out Scrooge again for Christmas 2019 🎄 Seasonal events ? There will continue to be more than enough ! Awesome events ? Not a chance !! They died with the last Furry Road event over a year ago .. and all we can do is reminisce about Halloween 2017 (the greatest event in CATS history). Merry Christmas 😀
  12. There may be a ray of hope out there for you 😀 I have never used Zeptolab’s gang search function (having joined the most famous gang in CATS .. Fellow Foxes 🦊 .. from the very creation of gangs way back in August 2017). However, I do use the Forum’s search function .. and a simple search for “Line” (the communication app you love so much) .. yielded the post below. I don’t know if you speak French .. but it shouldn’t matter ! Line, apparently the “bees’ knees” of communication apps, will no doubt have a language translator to solve this potential problem. I also don’t know if this gang is still active .. but it’s worth a shot ! “Line lovers of the world .. UNITE” 😀
  13. There are two circumstances where Steevy’s boxes provide no ultimate league tickets .. 1. You’re holding 5/5 tickets 2. You have already earned the daily limit of 20 tickets. Otherwise .. it’s a bug 🐛
  14. You’ve missed the point here ! Even a one star carbon part is seven stages above the Championship level that GreedyCat was fighting in. That cannot possibly be normal .. or promoting in Championships would become very difficult indeed ! I know one of my gang mates received a carbon attack toolbox as a reward during the recent Grand Prix event. He was in a wooden stage at the time .. so was able to score multiple instant promotions very quickly 😂 Whether the carbon drill in military stages was a Grand Prix reward bug, or a different bug, it is clear that some players occasionally benefit from a Zeptolab bug in their favour 😀 Good luck to them .. most of the time, we receive parts three stages below our current level.
  15. Apparently “Error 17” is quite widespread 😡 So much so that Zeptolab have now sent all players an in-game message ! They are working to fix the problem .. which means it will be fixed in time for the next Grand Prix .. or Garbage Prix, as I like to call this event, because it contains so many bugs .. and so many ridiculously weak builds for us to fight with 😂 The real answer to fixing this garbage event ? Either make radical changes .. or consign the GP event to the dustbin of history !
  16. Reward list for Meowscow 2 is .. District 1 - Ice Cream Truck Guide Scooter x1 District 2 - Cutter Repulse x2 District 3 - Gatling Gun x3 District 4 - Anti-gravity Roller x2 District 5 - Santa’s Double Rocket x3 District 6 - Frost Sprinkler x1 District 7 - Santa’s Laser Bell x2 District 8 - Hero’s Bow x4 District 9 - Hearth x1 District 10 - Russian Stove x3 All the best for the new city 😀
  17. Excellent news 👍 The Foxes 🦊 discord server address is .. .. which will enable you to access a range of different channels. Alternatively, you can send direct messages to individuals on discord. I am Grandpa Phil #5345 Chatting with the gang is entirely optional .. but reading our specific channel for City Kings matches (kings-chat) will be very helpful. I also highly recommend joining the CATS discord server .. there are many channels there that provide extremely valuable information about the game, and its future direction.
  18. I suspect there are some contractual issues with Hot Wheels over the future roll out of Hot Wheels parts. Unlike all other parts in CATS, Hot Wheels parts were provided exclusively in an event sponsored by Hot Wheels. There is no doubt in my mind that any future roll out of these parts is not a decision that can be made by Zeptolab alone. As you may recall, the event sponsored by Hot Wheels last November (Furry Road .. an excellent play on the Mad Max movie, Fury Road) had their corporate logo all over it 😂
  19. That’s excellent news 👍 I consider gang communication (discord and in-game chat) to provide up to 90% of the benefit of being in a gang. The camaraderie created is similar to that of being in an AFL team .. a fitting comparison as we count the hours down to that great game on the last Saturday in September ! The AFL Grand Final is the greatest sporting spectacle on the planet .. the Super Bowl doesn’t even come close 😂 (though I confess to being a little biased). While you won’t get access to in-game chat until Zeptolab get their act together, here’s a taste of both from the current CK match 😀
  20. I know it’s tough when we can’t communicate in-game .. but the Foxes 🦊 have ONE important rule .. USE OF SCOUTS must be authorised by the LEADER (me 😂). So .. until we can communicate effectively during CK matches .. DON’T use scouts. Other than that, you have made a very promising debut for the Foxes 🦊👍 Looking forward to being able to chat on discord soon 😀
  21. Gang requirement set to P9 again .. one player has already jumped in, so I’d join as quick as you can before a tidal wave of eager cats sinks the good ship Fox 🦊😂 Our current CK match is likely to finish in just under two hours 😀
  22. 4 to 8 hours .. with the iPad on my bedside table 😂 I count ultimate cars (rather than sheep) to help me get to sleep 🛏 😴 PS .. If Zeptolab start publishing player online times periodically, we would have evidence to support my claim to be the most active player in CATS 😀😂
  23. I set our gang requirement to P9 .. but 3 players joined up in quick succession ! Unfortunately, I had to revert to P50 to prevent the Foxes 🦊 from being flooded with new members (the “price” of being the most famous gang in CATS 😂). I can try again .. but it may well be easier if you download the Discord app .. and join the Foxes 🦊 discord server ( We can arrange there for you to join our gang .. when I know you’re online. I’m either online .. or close enough by to hear a discord notification ping .. 16 to 20 hours a day, most days 😱😂
  24. Prestige requirement has been set to P9 .. jump in as soon as you’re ready 😀 Our record in Mew York 2 is currently 57 wins/8 losses .. District 9 is not far away !
  25. It will be great to have you in the Foxes 🦊 We are playing as a small gang (maximum 20 members) .. but I should be able to free up a spot very soon. Our discord server is .. drop in, and say hi 👋 We are currently ranked #88 in Mew York 2 .. and gradually climbing up the leaderboard, after a slow start to this city.