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  1. There actually is no need to delete an account, If you delete the app your account just stays in a limbo, that way you could restore it If you change your mind. But If you truly want it deleted you can always contact support, but then it will be gone forever.
  2. If you installed it using Google Play Store with a registered gmail address, then Yes, you can delete the App and re-install it using the same e-mail address. All your Data is stored in the Cloud. I just did a Complete Reset of my sons tablet and I had no problem restoring his progress.
  3. We do have mechanics living all around the world, like Fezzik for example, who lives in the US, and we are all always looking out for spammers. I live in Germany for example and to my shame I have to admit somebody else usually gets to them before me.
  4. There is a telegram Chat already in existence. If you have telegram you could join it by searching for: @catsgame
  5. I really love this picture
  6. So far I know of 3 mechanics. Fezzik, Ash and Dan Farias. But I am sure there will be more to come 😊
  7. Hello Kyle, nice to meet you. I am Andrea.
  8. I have seen two, both of them great guys, Fezzik and Ash. Always willing to lend a hand or give advice.
  9. Absolutely agree with you on that one Ash. I actually tinkered on a few cars in real life 😀
  10. Yeah, autocorrect is a bitch, lol
  11. Yes, I live in Germany 😊
  12. Of course is is supposed to be a trading place. Sometimes I really hate autocorrect.
  13. Both my children and I are playing C.A.T.S. and we were discussing a few improvement ideas. Here is what we came up with: 1. It would be great to have a traditionellen place for Parts. For example, if I am looking for a laser and have a good rocket I don't need, I could trade them with another player instead of selling it. 2. In Singing Monsters there is an option to send a friend a key, something like that could be useful here as well. Maybe an option to send a friend an energie upgrade or life upgrade once a week. 3. My daughter really, really wants to be able to customize the cat as well, like different fur color and such. Just some ideas we thought would be great.
  14. I have been playing King of Thieves for almost 2 years. And BeardBeard, who posted in this thread as well, is one of my guild mates 😀
  15. I really like this game for various reasons. One, I like the simpleness, but at the same times it is an incredible amount of fun. Trying different type of weapons and defenses makes it challenging. I like the league fight, since the rewards when finishing at the top are cool. However, the single fight are fun as well, since it allows me to get boxes for more good stuff. All in all a good game in my opinion. My son however calls it the best Zeptolab game ever 😊