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  1. The best way to implement this, would be to add a button to toggle the boost power, similar to how we are able to rotate some weapons. This way, it would allow your builds to use different levels of boost. The button should obviously only be able to be used when you have the boost upgrades. So that, if you for instance have the forward boost fully upgraded, you should be able to toogle between: 0%, 10%, 20% and 30%.
  2. I really hope that they will consider adding this. It has often been suggested, and always been ignored
  3. I really hope that they will consider adding it this time. When I suggested it a few years ago, I didn't even get a single comment.
  4. That really isn't much of a problem, it should be prioritized to fix the problem where people in certain locations cannot watch ads at all. It gives a huge advantage to those players whom actually can watch the ads. For instance, if you live in Denmark 🇩🇰, you cannot watch ads at all. If you press the'watch ad'-button, you will simply find yourself starring at nothing but the blurred background image in C.A.T.S.
  5. Bluestacks is one of the worst emulators. C.A.T.S works perfectly with an emulator simply get one of the better emulators instead. Personally, I prefer Nox, but I know that many people are also using MEmu. If you want to know what alternatives there are for bluestacks, then simply look it up on alternativeto.net. Bluestacks on Alternativeto.net
  6. I would like to see a "Magnet" added to the game. It could be called something else, if "Magnet" seems out of place, alternatives could be something like: "Tractor Beam", "Attractor", "Gravitational Pull". My thought regarding the "Magnet" are: It would slowly pull the other car towards you The force of the pull could perhaps be dependent on the distance between the car. It would naturally make it harder for bouncy boulders to jump over you, but at the same time, it could prove fatal if they manage to make it, as they would then be pulled towards your back.
  7. I would like to see a "Weight" added to the game. My thoughts for it are: It should be heavier then the forklift, and also provide a bit more health. I would slow down your car (due to it's weight). It could prove a useful tool for immobile builds, or builds easily tipped over/pushed away.
  8. Ads have never worked for me, I have disabled all adblocking, and also tried resetting my ad id, but no matter what I do, I just see the C.A.T.S background and nothing else, when I click "watch ad".