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  1. This one landed 3/4 to the left side, which is great against anything which moves forward fast enough to leave a space for it to land. it had unlimited shots at me from behind, as long as it managed to kill me before the walls came in.
  2. I just saw the most creative design ever.. after battling several standard designs, some charging for close range attacks, most using rockets/lasers and relying on power alone, and several blade/booster combos, I met a sneaky with a laser, no wheels and two backpedals. An easy win, I thought. Then it launched itself spinning through the air, bounced off the back wall and landed upside down behind me, laser pointed straight at me. I lost, and I was glad to lose against an interesting design like that
  3. I use a bit of guesswork when taking on lasers. If my DPS will kill them in 2 rocket hits, then definitely yes. Sometimes i'll take a risk and take on a laser with attack high enough to one-shot me, as it may have attack toolboxes, and if there's a high-attack weapon like chainsaw as well then it's likely the chainsaw contribute a lot to the attack power, and the laser is weaker.
  4. I believe it's due to distance of the laser from the opponent (or position on the vehicle, perhaps). I don't have data to back it up though. I just have a feeling I lose laser duels a lot when my laser is positioned at the back of my vehicle, and win them a lot when it's at the front.
  5. Thankyou for the explanation - that would be consistent with what I've seen. I'll stash my lasers until it's fixed
  6. I see that others have noticed too that Laser DPS does not match attack value. The game help says that attack value is DPS. This is true of rockets, and appears to be true of close range weapons. But it's not true of lasers. For lasers, the damage is 2 x attack, every 2.5 seconds, which means the DPS is only 80% of attack value. A laser with 1000 attack has the same DPS as a rocket with 800 attack.
  7. I'm convinced that it's the laser that is closest that will win. I never go into an even laser battle unless the opposing laser is at the back of their vehicle. This was a week ago though, as I only use rockets now. I use rockets because of what Stoopidcat said - rockets have higher DPS than lasers for the same attack value.
  8. You need to find a new steel body. It may not have the right attachments though .. I have 4 star military parts available, but I'm still using a steel Sneakie body, because it's got good wheel placement, two weapons and I can put a forklift at the front. The low star bodies have less power too.