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  1. Hi guys,what u thing about new logo for c.a.t.s? the older logo for new logo ?
  2. ty
  3. Hi guys, whats up?? What u thing if this game have one mode history with mini monsters robots and the big robot with With several rewards and several historys with CutsceneĀ“s (goof graphics of course ) , it's gonna be really awsome OR NOT ??
  4. Thk.Of course buy it with coins,but legendary items is with gems.
  5. Hi guys, it's my first ideiabut is for all players be happy with worth and montage the my photo,because this ideia was " literally of all",but dont can't explain in english,or do nice montage but his case have two things,"i think". Soo think well about our ideia for the game is not change too mutch andi ts really cool too help the players have more things and can change cars easyli mode. And u ? What u thing about this? write for everyone know we need this is good help for everyone.