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  1. A simple triple-tier authorisation would solve that, with the 2IC not able to kick the leader.
  2. Hey, unfortunately we are only recruiting P10L24 at the moment, good luck though!
  3. That one is called a "Double Rocket", you will be able to unlock it only once you have gone through a few stages in P1, then you'll get it quite regularly.
  4. ANOTHER UPDATE! Lots has changed with our clan.. in a nutshell: We grew stronger and stronger. Now at Position 63 (Top Gangs) with over 7000 trophies. To all gang seeking P10L24: If you consistently pull more than 300 trophies per gang fight period, comment here with some info on your stats, and I will see if I can accomodate you.
  5. I can only agree with Phil's sentiment here. Everything said is spot on. i am more than slightly confused as to what devs were thinking when making the decision to reset gang trophies after each gang fight period. Similarly to what has been described by others, I was spending and gearing up to spend more gems on getting extra trophies into my clan. Having realized that trophies are non-permanent on the leaderboard, this urge to spend gems spontaneously combusted. And fair enough, there will still be some who still reset for parts gained from boxes in gang fights, but I think it's safe to say those make a smaller portion of the pie.. The bottomline, it seems to me, is a missed opportunity to earn money and maximize profit on the gamemakers part... Which after all remains their main priority. Lets hope they are following a lean strategy and are quick to adjust, else this might end up turning players away (myself included). Would be interesting to hear mechanics thoughts on this.
  6. Our gang trophies for top gangs match what we have earned in the last 72h gang fight period, and they do not equal an addition of what we earned in the first two gang fight periods. Is this intentional? Can other gangs confirm the same observation? Wouldn't it be better if trophies were to accumulate, or do you guys/gals prefer for them to merely resemble who earned the most trophies in the latest completed gang fight period?
  7. We are full for the time being. Thanks to all applicants!
  8. Ok so someone in my clan actually just answered, so I thought I might share here. Trophies earned in the first clan are not carried over to the second clan. Additionally, the gang fights for that player moving from one clan to another are not reset.
  9. I am wondering about the following: In any given gang fight period, let's presume someone earns some trophies with one gang, and then leaves the gang and joins another. Obviously these trophies are deducted from the first gang then, however do they carry over to the second gang this player joins? Or, alternatively, will the initially earned trophies become void, and only trophies earned by that player from the moment he/she joined the second gang are counted?
  10. Hi Spizor, As far as I understand things, the devs have purposefully treated energy toolboxes differently to health/attack toolboxes. This makes sense to me, given that regardless of which level you are at, an increase of 1 star (or 2 with the upgrade) is always useful, given that weapon star requirements don't increase as one levels up (but follow the same pattern from 1 - 5 star levels on one stage). Health/attack toolboxes on the other hand need to increase in size, given that health/attack consistently increase as one levels up from one level to the next and from one stage to the next. I hear what you are saying about later energy toolboxes costing more than earlier ones, maybe this will be something that is rectified in the future, but it seems to me this additional cost is marginal and therefore almost irrelevant.
  11. Quick Update! 5 spots have been given away, so only 5 left! Requirements have been reduced to 800k, but we are firm on trophy contributions of at least 50 per gang fight period.
  12. Glad I could help!
  13. Hi, I am Xminator, the leader of Wild Things, an ambitious clan aiming for the top spots. We are looking for 10 new recruits, since the clan size has just been increased from 15 to 25. All our clan members are 1Mil+, active daily and english-speaking. We are constantly improving/growing and help one another wherever we can. If you think you fit the criteria, reply here or DM me (alternatively, subject to open spaces, you can join us in-game and introduce yourself [WILD THINGS#3002]).
  14. Hi Phil, I have tested the reset button and can tell you the following: When you use the reset button, you get allocated a whole new set of 10 Fights and can start from Fight 1/10 again. Additionally, you will keep your trophies already earned in the current fights (before you reset). As an example, you win Fight 1 & 2 and earn 5 and 8 trophies respectively (13 in total), then you reset. Now you still have your 13 trophies, can start again from Fight 1 (where, again you will get 5 trophies) and so on and so on. This seems pretty fair to me given the initial price of 30 Gems for a reset (which seems to increase in a gang fight period btw, as the second reset would now cost 60 gems). Hope this helps.