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  1. When I open a box and it itemized what I won, it goes like 4 star and shows animation of a fifth star sliding out from behind the 4th. It would be easy to miss. And for all I know it may be diff on the iPhone version as all ive known ever been android. So I think what you see is what you get. Just 3 crown it and your good
  2. Thanks for the info but theres plenty of places in-game including updating the gang box section of the f.a.q. No disrespect but i still think I have a point. Twitter nor discord are things every player would know to or want to visit. At least I would have never found out anything since I can't stand Twitter and thought I just plain missed out on the discord fad. Anyhow, Happy New Years Almost!
  3. By the way a more effective means to stop gang jumping is to impose a lengthy wait period after leaving their gang. I wouldn't be opposed to players having to complete the championship rounds before being allowed to join another gang. Either way, let the players know when rules are changed . Seams like a simple enough thing to do
  4. This is the second gang ive been in since I returned to the game. Thanks for the thinly veiled accusation. YOU NEED to understand that rule changes without mentioning them is unfair and not a lot different to bait and switch tactics used in car sales. If the box was earned, it should be paid unless the change was made public beforehand which it wasn't. Which is where my complaint is rooted. The only way to find out the rule change is currently to directly ask customer service. As it stands, you put in effort expecting the effort to be met with a result. When it doesn't happen and you ask what happened, the answer is because we decided not to all of a sudden.
  5. So as a Christmas gift from our generous devs, a new rule stating you need to be in a gang 3 days to get the box. So the 450 points i put up in 2 days so as not be kicked counted for exactly squat. The better solution to stop gang hopping would be to penalize leaving a gang, not joining one. And it's just underhanded to not give any warning nor indication the rules have changed. But I'm not bitter..
  6. Is a cat ever really naked? Fur and all that..
  7. Already expired. 38 minutes...
  8. How about in the next update, adding a toggle in settings for the replay preview? Since the last update the win/defeat screen maxxes my cpu and the only change i see is the little replay GIF. I would love to be able to turn it off.
  9. Huh.. when i checkedout the game after it updated at the end of a quick battle it showed the recorded bAttle in a tiny popup. Now its not doing that. Hell if i know...
  10. Thats a trojan that sends sms messages to premium numbers. I managed to not get the exact quote copied to the clipboard but if you google TrojanSMS.Agent.V.Gen you will find literally a ton of variations of it and they seam to all do the same thing. Im betting it has something to do with the overhauled replay system considering it automatically records the fights without user authorization. I havent fooled with it but im assuming its set up to send the recording out to be shared.
  11. Excuse me folks, if he doesnt want to, then he doesnt want to. The choice is his to make. All i am saying... is give peace a chance.
  12. I knew that. I was just checking to see if you knew that. Actually, no i didnt know and it depressed the holy crap outta me. If it became an ea subsidiary the fall of cats would happen in this exact order.. 1. Sudden updates making the game more p2p and less stable. 2. A sudden and failed attempt to rid hackers resulting in more hackers followed by a paranoid hacker witchhunt that results in nearly all players that ever paid for premium currency to be banned. 3. Instead of apologies and admitting the error, ea orders servers to be shut down and all replies from customer service stopped. This is how ea handles online games and i wouldnt pee on EA if it was on fire. They owe me 80 bucks
  13. As far as i know my (undeserved )ban on EAs servers is still in place. It is in the need for speed forums anyway. Are we sure zeptolab is in bed with EA?
  14. Before the update i had ads enough to open one super box and cut a second one down to two hours. Im not diciplined enough to stand a chance at counting the ads. Since the update ive had unlimited ads. There was about a 6 hour period where my ads were down but thats it. If it helps im running android 6.0 with about half a gig left of 8 gig internal on at&t. And theres a diff vid player popup in alot of the ads now. May not be compatable on ios, i dunno but saw ipad mentioned
  15. I apologise for my crude attempts at levity. I understand, serious. Got it. Me too.