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  1. I confirm this behaviour. In my case, since update 2.12 the app crashes every time an ultimate enemy throws me a horseshoe (as it sounds). Asides, as the game state is saved, the same combat arises when I reopen the app and it crashes again. It's an infinite crash loop until I'm fast enough to abandon the combat before the enemy throws the horseshoe. And the ultimate ticket is lost, of course. This is becoming hard to play. Not because the game difficulty, but because its programmers.
  2. By the way, not only the gang opponent does not change when the clock reaches zero. Also retries are not renewed either. Nothing changes, the clock is just ignored and starts counting back from 24 hours again.
  3. I explain the sequence of events: I was in gang A, waiting for gang opponent renewal at 10PM. Then I was fired from gang A and I joined gang B that was in another language. Bug 1: Opponent renewal time changed from 10PM to 6AM. I changed to gang C with the hope of reverting back that change, as gang C was in the same language as gang A. But the renewal time did not change back to 10PM, it stayed at 6AM. Worse than that, the 6AM time came and the gang opponent did not change. Bug 2: Now when the clock ”New opponents in...” reaches zero my gang opponent is not changed, I am stuck with the same unbeatable opponent forever. Any solution? Please do not tell me something like ”use gems to renew opponent”, a bug is a reason to NOT spend money in a game, not the opposite. Regards, and thanks in advance.