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  1. Should be back and working as normal guys! Was due to someone exploiting the iOS character bug.
  2. Hello Pilots and Kittens, Firstly thank you for having your time in reading this. Straight to the topic : Here if you see I just promoted from stage 18 -> stage 19 and the championship is still filling up. And I was the first one to reach here before everyone started showing up. Now nothing fishy there, let's do more fights and BAMMM!!! Yes!! That player just arrived by instant promoting from stage 18 , So what can be possible explanation: THAT C'MON HE'S PRESTIGE 7 CAMPER Okay, let' us believe a guy with insanely high stats in stage 19 is a camper. Now let's check his gang - So a person who can be a possible camper and score 825 points on its own is in this gang ^ Cmon Zepto we are not that fool, same story with every high stat random guy in championship - ALWAYS IN A GANG WITH REQUIREMENT 0 AND 25/25 MEMBERS FULL AND THAT GANG IS NOT AT ALL COMPETITIVE Seriously that's hard to digest! At least championship was supposed to be real PvP *If you guys spot this same pattern of championship bots please post below* Thank you for your time. Cheers!
  3. Or you can just save your efforts of creating all new and join Top Gang. PM me if you want recommendations in any Top gang. Since you're P7, you wouldn't attract any P11 and above players starting fresh these days. Good luck! - 10tickles
  4. What prestige are you ?? And how many trophies you average? -10tickles
  5. That's a long ass but a very well written letter. Well written thoughts and ideas. And we do appreciate your time for writing this to improve gameplay. This will be forwarded to Zepto. Cheers. - 10tickles (Discord Mod)
  6. Hey SeniorSSS, I wonder what gang are you in? Btw I'm 3 places above you on leaderboard - 10tickles
  7. 100 gems to start new gang Also initial process of finding 25 members who are active and equally contributing will take abit time.
  8. Ultimate league will have its own special levels.
  9. Discord is an app available on PC/ios/ Android. Its a gaming community app which has its own group of members and place where you can hangout with other pilots and kittens from the game 😉 Download the app and join this link below- https://discord.gg/W6bXVdv
  10. Is that you by any chance? Also I suggest to join Cats discord, there are many players who are always in search for gangs. Cheers!
  11. NEW CODE: IRELANDBOYS Courtesy Youtube:
  12. Better than your Fellow foxes 😉
  13. Hey if you're P10/24 and want to be in Top gangs, you may DM me and join us! We need top players.
  14. Game is the last place were I want to do maths 🤔😅