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  1. . 142.. SUPER_STAR With the new leader
  2. we have a small problem we now have a leader who is not very active so I fear that we will not be able to get the top 10 for the time being so all eyes are focused on Jean2797 if this does not work then we will intervene and we will have to start again then I or Darkshot may take over under the name Super-Star we make a program Imgur again and follow the progession we do not leave this Gang in the Top 50 we do not accept this
  3. Create you Topic over Follow Fox Not Here!!!
  5. CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Ouh plz phil Stop with this we do it our way that goes fine
  7. The Crazy has hell....
  8. We have do what we can do to remove cheaters and that reported crazy decision to put everyone out very bad for us reputation and The gang.....................
  9. OMG...we fix Fast a new plan
  10. What the Hell
  11. I dont no Phill what the problem is for now 3 members of this gang has banned so im not the leader of this gang so Guys are youWill in to Us let me know here 2 a 3 spots Free
  12. Ouh we kill iT Easy we win this mach wahaha
  13. Mmmm i see iT