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  1. Probably unexpected reward or hack/cheating i didn’t receive any carbon parts in military stages
  2. i like chocolate bars but not with strawberry sorry what about a chocolate cake with strawberries?
  3. probably he want some adult videos
  4. looks like this topic's ruined
  5. yes you will start over and the weapons, bodies etc. will be lost except ultimate parts
  6. i don't think there's a solution for that maybe you must contact zeptolab about this problem or you can try cleaning cache/data (you need to connect with google play games again) if that works
  7. the first method worked thank you 😄
  8. hello i'm a motorola user i need some help on installing the game this error message appears (error code: DF-DLA-15) this is a newly purchased motorola phone
  9. There is no poop emoticon is this forum it needs to use the emoji itself
  10. doggy, do you know when to get the boomerang recently?
  11. hey jio are you online
  12. please add a port for Windows and Mac
  13. tokyo is the known city in japan can you contribute on creating this city? i hope the name is (Mekyo)
  14. how do you get past on the first stage on the metal league how do you get some better parts in the game i'll post a screenshot of my car later
  15. nice to meet you, i accidentally deleted my in-game account can the devs recover it? i'll wait for your reply sharkboy