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  1. No longer looking
  2. Looking for new gang 7450000 prestiege 10 i do 300-700 trophy i left old gang because the leader became inactive Thanks _Rocket2Face
  3. Screw this game! 14 legendary boxes in a row and all of the legendaries are 2 star JUNK, just like this game. legendary 2 star boulder with 120% damage to stinger is the crap you get if not paing cash ! screw this bad design.
  4. You have a high center of gravity. I have a sneaky i put a shotgun on and the shotgun would make me flip. I moved the gun to the low weapon slot and the problem went away
  5. since a recent update ALL of my legendaries have been two star. Making some of them completely useless. I have sold or used some of them as upgrade items. I just checked and my only non-2star legendaries are from prior to the update. level 10 prestiege and getting nothing but junk makes this game not much fun.